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Fiction is Immersive

Fiction requires more of a mental commitment than non-fiction. That’s not to say that non-fiction doesn’t require you to think. There are many thought-provoking pieces out there. Jonas Ellison’s are a great example. I read almost every post he writes.

But really good fiction asks you to come into the story, to be immersed in the telling of it. Fiction writers want you to feel what their characters are feeling. Reading fiction is like entering another world, which can’t be done lightly.

That’s why I think many readers on Medium aren’t looking for fiction (though I hope that changes soon with a new publication I’m involved in called Made Up Words). Like Jonas’s post this, people are looking on Medium for digestible content, and I would be that it’s in the small moments they have time.

Even as a lover of fiction, when I have a few moments, it’s hard to dive into a story because the transition from my world to the world of the story often requires more than a few moments.

That said, Medium can be great for short fiction. A story that requires only a few minutes, I think, could do really well on here. I have a few pieces myself that have done fairly well on here.

Like you, I’m posting both fiction and non-fiction, and I’m hoping my fiction begins to find more readers because Medium can be a great place for fiction.