Nobody wants to visit your blog.
Brandon T Springer

Somebody Just Might Want to Visit Your Blog

While I agree with you that people on Medium are here because they want to be, your headline is a blanket statement that isn’t true for everybody. I frequently click on a person’s blog if I enjoy their writing. And not everybody is on Medium.

Not trying to be confrontational, but I don’t think writers on Medium should feel discouraged to include a link back to their website, which may actually be a good site (I’m guessing you have some specific users in mind). For many people, Medium is just one place they write. If a reader on Medium enjoys the work of a certain writer enough to click off of Medium to check out their other work, what’s wrong with that?

Medium should be a safe place for writers and their readers to network, but it will fail to be a safe place if the writers on it start acting elitist for being on it. Medium is a great network; it’s not a country club for the best writers on the web.

I don’t think writers serve themselves well by putting a link to their blog and begging readers to go to it, but a subtle mention of where someone can find some of their other writing that isn’t on Medium can go a long way for readers who really engage with their writing.

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