Update on The Hunger, A New TV Series

My biggest project of the summer was writing the pilot for a new television series. My goal was to approach the whole zombie apocalypse genre of storytelling with a unique idea that’s been brewing in my head ever since the first couple seasons of The Walking Dead.

I’m grateful to Shawn Lindsey, first time producer, for initiating this project. We had our first production meeting this past week with all of the crew and cast, and I’m grateful that revisions to the script are very minimal.

Read more about what the show is about in my initial post below:

We’re currently running a crowdfunding campaign to finance the production of the pilot episode at Indiegogo. It’s slow-going, but I’m grateful that five people so far have committed to backing our project at a total of $175.

The cast and crew will begin filming the first scene of the pilot in a couple weeks, and I’m super excited because this is my first official produced credit. I’ve had ghostwritten projects put into production, but, of course, officially I wasn’t the writer on those projects.

Why You Should Consider Helping Out

Anybody who knows me knows I hate asking for anyone to pay for anything I’ve written. It’s not that I don’t think my work is valuable enough to ask people to pay for it. It does take time to create something new, and we all know time is money.

But I think people should invest their money in something they believe in.

So my request is for those who have read one or more of my stories and felt they read something they’d be willing to pay for more of. I’m excited about this project, and I’m excited about several others that I more likely able to do if The Hunger pilot becomes a reality. I’ve said before that all my writing so far has been the pilot of my professional writing career. I’m working hard to make that goal a reality. Even if you can’t support financially, I’m eternally grateful to anyone who takes the time to read one of my stories and leave a comment about how they enjoyed it.

So if you enjoy my writing, please visit The Hunger Indiegogo page and consider helping out.

Tom Farr is a writer, teacher, and storyteller who believes in crafting lies to tell the truth. When he’s not enjoying the good life with his beautiful wife Lindsey and their three much-adored children, he’s striving to create stories that thrill and inspire and preparing for the day Disney calls him to write a Star Wars movie. He’s also a contributing editor for Made Up Words. His work has also appeared on Panel & Frame, Wordhaus, Curiosity Never Killed the Writer, and The Unsplash Book. Check out his fiction writing portfolio on Medium and sign up for his author newsletter.