2014's Worst DevOps Article Headers

DevOps, the hot new thing I largely pioneered and am responsible for, is a big deal in IT right now. Few can seem to fully agree upon what DevOps actually is, so naturally, charlatans from all walks of the industry will declare themselves to be thought leaders on the subject. I don’t do that, and you’ll never catch me doing it. It is a disgusting practice and I am completely opposed to it.

The chosen weapon of the DevOps thought leader is the blog post. Thankfully, nobody ever really reads them. Except for mine.

These are the worst DevOps blog header graphics I’ve seen over the last year. I hate them with my life. The articles which accompanied were also terrible so I will not be linking back to them.

This is the most depressingly composed photo I have ever seen and the additional text was added by someone attempting to control the computer with their legs.

Stop drawing the meaningless DevOps gears on all my windows you gorgeous piece of shit.

A lot of times signs that say “NOTICE” all over them are trying to warn you about dangers like getting electrocuted or not putting stuff in certain body holes. Not this madman.

A car crash and a tire fire had a baby, and this is what was in its diaper.

Congrats to the sword from “Xena: Warrior Princess” on writing its first blog post! I am so proud of you!

Don’t be like Goofy, who is obviously distraught and appears to be writing a suicide note. Great!

Buddy, we’ve already got plenty of outbound stupid. Booya.

Man, fuck this. What is this even?

I hate this. You’re all terrible. I’m going home. This shit sucks. Stop doing it.