Hi my name is Fartun Abdi and I live in Minnesota in Minneapolis and I came to the American at 2013 an still now and I have 3 sisters and one brother in here but my other two sisters is not here and another brother that is from my mom borther and my father are not here so I will like to hear that u and ur wife can help me being my sisters and brother here that could be helpfull and my father and my sister and another that is from my mom brother are getting hurt and my sister got rabet and when my father saide to tell the polic to get the man who did that to my sister and my father can’t do anything about that because when he try to do it the mans say that they are going to kill my father so my father saide that they have so many problem to my family that are not together that are far away that can’t help each other and my mom say every day that happent my mom say it will be okay but is not okay and I need help from the president of the United states tha if he can help me to berring my family together please and please and I go to south hight school and sometimes I don’t do well in the classroom because Iam so worried about my sisters and brother and my father the way the live at african than I cry and stay and cry but I don’t know what to do and to help my family that way I write this story to u I whish YOUcan help me love fartun !

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