Edhi sb is very inspiring personality for me. I learnt a great lesson from his whole life that we should never give up .We should just start a step regardless how small it is. I just love his quote that “I can begin small, but why should I think small.” This quote motivates me. Edhi sb work for humanity even they had no money no rich support but he don’t consider these things. He knew that God helps those who help themselves. No doubt he face hurdles in his life but his hard work reached him at his destination. I like his quotation because it relates to my life. I always think big, I want to become a successful person in my life. I know that it is difficult but it is not impossible. As Edhi sb was a poor man but still he got a lot of success. He worked day to night and Allah didn’t waste his hard work.
Failure is the first step of success. Once there was a time when I faced a lot of failure but this failure did not lose my hope and my trust on Allah Because I knew the principle of Progress I knew that if I do work hard I can achieve everything. When I was 17 years old I read in the class 11th. There was a passion in me to do big things for my parents, I want to study more and more and want to achieve success because I knew that study is the only thing that give me success. But I got ill. I knew that Allah want to see my passion towards my work this is the reason that he gave me illness. After that I was not able to go college for studies and my father also restrict me to do that and I had to leave college. But after 1 year I request my parents to allow me to join academy to complete my intermediate. They allowed me and I join academy to achieve my goal. I just started with a small step as I knew that it would be long journey of hard work and I had to do a lot of work but I just wanted to prove myself, I couldn’t give up. I worked hard at there. I studied day to night. Do kam kam and kam and this principle of progress helped me to meet my goal. I got “2nd” position in my academy and got 100% scholarship at Punjab College. In Punjab College I also worked day to night and complete my b.com with “A” grade. After that I easily got admission in Punjab University even I bear my all expenses by own ,in morning I go for classes and in evening I took home tuitions, till late at night I did my assignments with the help of this hard work I also got merit scholarship in University and I did MHRM also with “A” grade. All these successes based on my hard work because I follow the principle of progress “Kam Kam or Kam”.
 During these years I faced too much hurdles my mother got ill and I had to manage my home with my studies but I fulfill my all responsibilities I never gave up. I learnt from this experience that hard work can never fail. If a person do his work with honesty and hard work Allah definitely gives him success. Now my next step is to do something for humanity .I want to help needy people. I did hard work but just for me not for others. After reading the life of Edhi sb I realized that real life is that we live for others not for ourselves. Now I will just start with a small step and InshAllah Allah will help me. I believe in actions not in words, as Edhi sb said, 
“The strength of the words lies in implementation, otherwise they are meaningless”

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