Amal Education Drive

Education is one of the basic rights of everyone. But now a days education has become a business rather than a way of improving people. But some students cannot continue their education due to lack of funds. In this project we worked on 2 aspects: 1 for university students and 2nd for the disable kids.

We went to Eliya care center and had meeting with them. We gave them our introduction and the principal of Eliya care center gave us the overview of their organization. We will visit the school do nutritional assessment and counseling there. They need speech therapy kit and other things we will help them from the charity collected from different people.

Then we started working on 2nd idea that was helping university students by doing bake sale.

First of all we approached teachers for supporting us, the response was good and they agreed to help us.

Then we wrote a letter to director general of our department, the response was so so. He said “we will discuss this matter after eid and try to resolve it”

Then after eid we went to him. He negotiated with higher authorities regarding this matter. He said “ok guys I understand that you are doing this for a good cause but if we do it at departmental level then some people can take negative inspiration from it and make it a mean of earning money for their own use. This can lead to the initiation of the bad trend.I cannot allow you people until unless permission is granted by directorate of student affairs. Then we went to DSA office, after explaining 4 people regarding this matter and giving justifications, we had meeting with Director of Student Affairs. He listened to us and said that I will not allow you untill unless Dr. Hafeez Sadaqt (your focal person) allow you.

Then we rushed towards CDC and met Dr. Hafeez Sadaq and finally matter was settled after some meetings.

We successfully arranged bake sale on 14–9–2017 in UAF with the cooperation of our Program Associate Sir Faizan and other Amal Fellows in the main corridor in front of Art Gallery from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm. Then plan was actually till 1:00 pm but the positive response of the students encouraged us to extend the time duration of event.

We told students about Amal and our mega project and asked for funds. Some students really cooperated with us and we had to put effort to convince other ones.

All the visitors really cooperated with us, even some people did not buy anything from us but only donated to us. Our passion was actually increased by such a warm response.

At the end of the day we collected a good amount that was handed over to university management for the help of needy students. It was a really good experience that taught us to deal with all types of people for other’s sake selflessly .

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