#Just Start Project — Khudi and Self-learning

Abdul Sattar Eidhi was a humanitarian, social worker and founder of Edhi foundation having world’s largest ambulance network. He served Pakistani people throughout his life actually he lived for the service of humanity as he made no home, never drove a vehicle except ambulance, didn’t wear expensive clothes and shoes. He was a national hero who did work without expecting any reward from people. He worked as a street hawker, sold pencils and matchboxes to earn money to invest in this noble cause. Edhi led a simple life by developing some principles like simplicity, Amal, Khudi and hard work. These are the principles of Amal as well but I would like to discuss hard work here. This was also a message of Quaid e Azam, Muhammad Ali Jinnah to the inhabitants of the new Muslim state. Edhi selected a goal to serve humanity by making a big NGO and he stick to it with strong determination and firmness of the purpose for making it a reality. For this purpose he had to become hawker, sell clothes or pencils but he did it. He developed the habit of giving charity in this nation for his organization. He never asked for funds from the non-Pakistani people. He had trust in his own nation that Pakistani people will also stand with him for eradicating hunger and poverty, making homes for homeless, supporting widows and bringing up children for their better future. I learned hard work and determination from this person who had a golden heart. Hard work is one of the key principles of Amal Fellowship that all we have to do is just focusing on tasks and assignments by trying again and again in order to learn how to do that project in a better way.

Mein Hoon Abdul Sattar Edhi_______ Mein Hoon Pakistan
I am always doing what I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it. (Pablo Picaso)

I feel really excited when exploring new things either it is a software or something else. Learning is a lifelong process leading you to the excellence and self-sufficiency leading you to the long and sustainable journey of success. Publications in international impact factor journals and conference proceedings improve your curriculum vitae. As degree is only the licenses to apply for a job interview selection, on that day interviewer is looking for other skills rather than only good CGPA. I want to write a research paper from my last for improving my CV but I could not complete it due to a couple of reasons eg. some other assignment from my supervisor, class task, my laziness or confusions. I was really confused while selecting the topic and changed it again and again by leaving the write up processing and sitting on my desk searching for new ideas. I need to do the tasks to write an article as listed below

  1. Topic selection
  2. Download the articles related to that topic and arrange them
  3. Reading the papers and making the unique outline for the research paper that can make my paper interesting for reviewer
  4. Extract the data needed and write it down in words with citations
  5. Proof reading by myself and my supervisor
  6. Submit it to the journal

Till today I have completed the first two tasks and my hopes are high that I will be able to do it soon and send it to the journal.

The tasks PW 1 were really interesting and exciting. I learned about medium, teachable, online courses and blog writing in this course. After completing this task I am feeling really satisfied from my problem solving and pressure handling skills that are polished through this platform. Surely I will put more efforts in completing next projects for developing professional skills and improving myself for a better future. THANK YOU AMAL..!

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