Art All Night 2015: Projecting on the front of Hillyer Art Space

Turning 30

As we head into 2016, I’m taking some time (like many others) to reflect on this past year. I’m grateful to have survived my twenties. I find as I enter my thirties I’m leaving some anxieties behind me and I feel I know myself better than ever. A big thank you to my family, friends, and colleagues for their unending support. Here are some of my 2015 Accomplishments:

  1. I have remained gainfully employed at Maga Design w/ a great salary.
  2. I started Projection Mapping DC (PMDC), a special effects company that specializes in projection mapping services and workshops in DC.( Our first event was Yuri’s Night in April.
  3. PMDC participated in Art All Night 2015 which drew 25,000 people (6,000 in Dupont Circle alone). We projected on the front facade of Hillyer Art Space. The Crystalline lit up the interior.
  4. PMDC hosts a Meetup by the same name and this year we reached 70+ members. Much of our research and development happens here.
  5. I led a team at Maga in the rebrand of a major investment banking firm in Tysons Corner, VA.
  6. We also branded a restaurant.
  7. I celebrated July 4th in NYC w/ my sister and her husband. I reconnected w/ my best friends in LA. Then I celebrated my friend Andrew’s wedding in San Antonio, TX this past fall.
  8. I added graphic recording to my resume and I captured 10+ client sessions.
  9. I threw an amazing 30th birthday party (thanks to Mom & Kate for their design work).

Did you know…

Have a safe, happy New Year and I’ll see you in 2016!

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