But She Didn’t Give Up…

Haani was married and she lived with her parents. Her life was a total mess as her three-year marriage was at risk. Her so-called beloved husband, Khizar, ruined their beautiful marriage by cheating on her. She was no longer the cheerful girl she used to be. Her one-year old son was the only one keeping her alive. She wanted to end her life but every time she looked at her little adorable son, his face was enough to keep her going.

As she was cradling her son, Ehaan, her mind was buzzing with the images of her son growing without the love of his father and this was the time when she took a decision. She has decided to go back and leave everything to God. She couldn’t be selfish. Tears burned her eyes and her lower lip trembled. It was difficult for her but she had to do this for her only son. She laid him in his crib and went to speak to her parents.

Next day she was back to the place she once called her home. Her husband took her belongings to their room. She silently followed him and didn’t utter a word to him. He placed the bags in the corner and stood there silently, too embarrassed to say anything to her. An uncomfortable silence surrounded them for a while, he cleared his throat huskily. “Haani, umm if you need anything, please let me know and I wanted to say”. He paused, looking troubled. “Umm, never mind”. He left the room immediately. Haani fidgeted then sat on the bed, too disturbed to stand still when her emotions were in turmoil. A lump was forming in her throat and she was afraid she was going to cry but she refused to give up. She has decided to change her life by believing in God’s will and to move on for her son.

One morning Khizar found her praying while he was still in bed. He stared at her for a long time then went to get ready for office. When he came back she was not there, he went to the kitchen in a hurry to make his breakfast as she was not cooking for him these last few days. He found her placing breakfast on the table, he was shocked to see that. He ate and left for office.

That night when he returned from the office, she was playing with their son, completely ignoring his presence as if he was not there. She was giggling like a child. She was totally at peace which disturbed him a bit. That was not how she had been. She wasn’t supposed to be like this. He had hurt her but she was not that Haani. She had changed. He realised he was not part of their little world anymore. They shut him out completely and he was sorry for what he had lost by chasing the temporary pleasure. He lost the two most important people of his life. This was his punishment.