Challenges of becoming a mom

Men tend to take women for granted as they have no clue what women have to go through throughout pregnancy. In the first trimester, they deal with morning sickness and even the smell of food can make them throw up. As they enter the second trimester, their weight gain accelerate and they find themselves growing more of an appetite. Leg cramps and heart-burns make their days more difficult. Their sleeping pattern change as they move into the last trimester. They stay awake all night in dire hope to find a comfortable position to sleep.

Dear Dad-to-be,

Your lady is going through tremendous changes during the whole 9 months process, she is at risk of several different serious health issues. Because her mood swings she is always on the verge of losing her mind even on smallest of the things. More importantly, her life is at stake when she goes into labor. The pain she feels during this time is unbearable but she has no choice but to endure it. Moreover, after giving birth she has stretch marks to worry about and her body because you expect her to snap back into her old self. She struggles everyday to raise your child. Please, try to understand her and support her. Let her know that she looks even more beautiful now and you’ll always stand by her side because she sacrifices everything to bring a life into this world.

My Journey:

I’ve recently became a mother of a baby boy. The whole 9 months journey was very challenging for me as I too had to experience the pregnancy perks I’ve mentioned above. Trust me, I was convinced that I wouldn’t survive the intense labor pain. I was in labor for 11 hours. I was praying whole time for the pain to stop. Even the last 15–20 minutes felt like forever. But when I held my baby for the first time, everything I went through felt worth it. I still struggle with my son. I was a heavy sleeper but now I can’t sleep peacefully for even half an hour.

My husband has been very supportive during this time. He’s always there for me whenever I need him. He cradles our son when I get tired. I get so upset by our baby’s cry especially at night but he never gets irritated or annoyed which I appreciate very much. He is an amazing husband and a father.