I Want to Become Selfish!

This is an interesting conversation between me and my friend that I want to share with you today.

Last month I with one of my friend Sana (pseudonym) was having coffee at our regular go to coffee shop and was having a deep conversation about life. It was interesting that we are still at our twenties and we have taken our life way too seriously. And you’ll get the vibe how. (LOL) In our conversation that day one time I did through a question to Sana-

Me: Sana, if you had one wish for getting one human nature that you’ll get right away what will you ask for?

Sana: Well! I would have wished to become more selfish you know.

Me: What? Really?

Sana: Yes. I think this is the best characteristics that one can have.

Me: (Laughing) How?

Sana: Well, cause selfishness is the ultimate key to happiness dear!

Me: I see, Okay then share your thoughts on that, please!

Sana: Well,

First of all, it does make sure that you are your greatest protector, lover and you won’t blame others when things go wrong in your life.

Secondly, It makes you take care of yourself and makes you healthier.

And finally, it helps you to deal with the world around you better by prioritizing yourself in every way.

Me: Ah, I see your point my friend but can’t agree with you entirely. Well, my view on this is- for the first 2 points of yours, you need to develop self-love and for the 3rd one you have to practice empathy.

You see, everyone in their life is struggling with some sort of battles that we in our bare eyes won’t be able to trace. And nowadays we only share the happiest moments, foods we are enjoying and places we are visiting with a shiny wrap on our social media.

And now more than ever the generation is depressed by seeing others happy.

Sana: No it’s not like I am depressed or envy about other’s life…it’s just…(long pause)

Me: I get you completely my friend. It’s not that we are envied by other’s life but it’s just that we often have this thought in our head-

Life is so freaking easy for others than mine, so, the problem might be in me.

But I guess that’s a problem. Somehow, we have blocked ourselves from expressing our human side, you know. We have adapted such nature where showing human emotion has become a form of showing weakness which will break our ego badly if we even unintentionally revel. And i guess that’s the biggest problem nowadays.

So if you call self love, having self worth selfish then I would say it’s the greatest thing to have. And I would also say, you would never feel more worthy if you truly can bring change in other’s life. It can be a little moment of joy when just by giving a few minutes or hours of your life to your close ones that can put a smile on their faces. Or helping someone with a little something within your capacity will ultimately make you feel more worthy. And these small act of generosity (the world thinks we do for others but actually we do for ourselves) will definitely feed our ego and make us happy.

We had few more dialogues after that. But I think this portion of thoughts and dialogues I should share with you people.

So, my question to you people- What do you think?