I’ll be honest, I’m not a hardcore comic fan. I read comic books as much as anyone. The average Jane of comic book world. Hell, I found out about Harley Quinn in college, when I was compared to her. Needless to say, I was amused. Haha! I’ll take it.

I like that they have gone a complete yin to Dark Knight’s yang. That is creative brilliance right there, Jack Snyder. And yes, I had to Google your name. I have a condition. I remember irrelevant shiz. Any who! Back to the movie. Obviously like everyone else out there, I wanted to see someone take on, Heath Ledger’s Joker. How does one even? For that alone, I applaud you, Jared Leto. Also, if you could leave me your number, that’d be great.

The main attraction in the movies were the characters, just like in the cartoons. That was something I liked as well. Bringing back the comic book element to it. And excellent branding opportunities. My expections for the movie are this. I am unsure of the script. It takes a lot to shock or impress me. Wow, arrogant much?

I’m looking forward to being entertained, but in a very strikingly contrasting way, of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight series. In the Dark Knight, there was hardly any humor element. The main emotions I experienced were adrenaline, fear, intrigue, sadness. In this movie, I predict there will be a sense of light humor vs dark humor, ala Jared. Mr. J, I am looking forward to meeting you on the screens.

I think the show stopper will be of course, Margot Robbie.I wrote her off as another insanely hot blonde actress. Wait, that doesnt sound like writing off. But she has consistently blown my mind. From the Wolf of Wall Street, to now this. Frankly, these are the only two of her movies Ive seen. That’s about it for now.

The other characters dont hold that much appeal for me. I’m sorry! But of course, they’ll prove me wrong :)

Its Harleys relation with Joker that is drawing me to the movie. Real Life action.

Well, those are my expectations. Let’s see then!