About Me — Farie Sohael Saleem

Hi! I am Farzana. Still, you can call me Farie. I was wondering since 2005 through various ways like maintaining daily dairy, to create short stories from my personal life to express my thoughts as a writer but I failed. I think I wasted enough precious time only thinking to be a storyteller, content writer, or creating a book as author. Today I turned into thirty-one, just now ready to put all my hard work to the test. I’m excited to see what I can create, build, experience, and YES! write about ____ I hope you do stick around, I will get feedback and better suggestions to refine my work (if you will) to entertain for long.

A couple of days back I was scrolling YouTube in search of any content writer or storyteller from whom I can get ideas to start my journey. Finally Thanks My Lord to bring on the right platform.

I am from Hunza, Northern Areas of Pakistan. Which is quite close to nature. I was born and grew up among high and snow-capped mountains. my early schooling is also completed in my birthplace.

I am a Capricon, soft-hearted, reticent, introvert, and believer. Anyway, the ups and downs moreover, the behavior of people change my mind with time.

I love to spend leisure time alone in a closed room while thinking about my past days where I did mistakes and do correctly in upcoming days.

I hope I will create inspirational, motivational, hopeful, entertaining, and heart-touching stories and tragedies as well about what happened in my life in results it can prove helpful for other people.

Places you can find me -

Instagram | LinkedIn | Facebook

With Love,

Farie Sohael.



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