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Thursday noted the start of the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations throughout several nations in Asia.

The festival, commonly implied to provide thanksgiving for the harvest season, is commemorated by ethnic Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese neighborhoods. Individuals in nations including South Korea, landmass China, Taiwan and Hong Kong get a public vacation as well.

Over in Hong Kong, the Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dancing team took a long ‘dragon’ of lit scent through the narrow streets of Causeway Bay. The tradition mores than 100 years old as well as the dragon is gone along with by loud drumming as well as firecrackers.

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Other dragon dancings read through hectic areas such as Wan Chai, where lanterns were on full display.


Lanterns likewise came to life across the region.

In Singapore, a number of the parks as well as monuments were spruced up to celebrate the mythical Moon siren, Chang’ e:

In Vietnam, a huge dragon and fish lanterns drifted through the streets.


But perhaps what lots of people eagerly anticipate throughout the celebration are the noms. Mooncakes, specifically, are baked particularly for the period and flood the marketplace in the preceding weeks.

In South Korea, they eat rice cakes for the three-day public vacation, referred to as Chuseok.

Jin-hong, a participant of the K-pop boyband 24K, uploaded an image that swiftly went viral. In it, he’s clothed up in typical Oriental clothes and the inscription reads: ‘Let’s eat some rice cakes!’

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