Reveal the Mysterious Side of Fashionable Scarves

Silk is known as the queen of fabrics. It has many fairytale stories on the side with the early development possibly by 6000 BC. More great features of silk have been revealed by the research that tells people why. Some of them are so interesting that you may have never heard that.

Silk production life cycle Silk is produced by caterpillars or wild mulberry silkworm. Compared with the wild-side, the size of the cultivated side is much larger and the quality of silk is more controllable. The most popular type of silk is produced from cocoons made by the larvae of the mulberry Silk Scarves / Silk-worm. The entire life cycle of silkworm has four stages: egg, larva, cocoon (pop) and moth.

The commercial silk production takes place in the third phase: cocoon or pupa before the dolls damage by making the emerging butterfly. It takes about 30 days to mature silkworms of larva with enough food — mulberry leaves. It runs and makes cocoons, then turns into pupa. Pupation is a moth in about 10 days and a moth comes out of the cocoon shell. The female species dies almost immediately after the filing of the egg. The man lives only a short time after.

The silkworm contributes one of the most luxurious fabrics within a short life cycle. Uses Silk has a large-scale application of a garment such as formal dress, fashion clothing, robes, pajamas, scarves, cufflinks, and underwear. It is a perfect all season tissue. In the summer side is comfortable to wear in hot weather because of its good absorption of moisture and its low conductivity keeps warm air close to the skin during the winter season.
Also, the silk fabric can be transformed with a cashmere-like soft touch as the warmer via napping with this kind brings silk scarves and clothing.

People love the shimmering appearance of silk, but few know the reason. The shimmering comes from the fibers triangular prism-like structure that makes it possible incoming light to break at different angles. In addition to the clothing industry has many side applications in other fields such as military, home decor, medical. A piece of hand painted silk scarf can be formulated to decorate for your home, if art is your favorite.

The soft appearance is an important feature of concealing silk: silk is the strongest natural fiber, even stronger than a steel filament of the same diameter as silk. That is why the early bulletproof vests were made of silk until about World War I. surgical sutures are another application in medical. Production Most silk production countries of Asia and China are the largest supplier of about 80%. Brazil is the only non-Asian country in the top ten lists. USA is the largest country of the consumer of silk in the world. Interesting number some songs are interesting and that few people know.

A cocoon is a continuous thread of1000 meter unravels. Silk fiber is one of the finest fibers, approximately 10 nm (one millionth cm) in diameter. A single silk kimono takes more than 2000 cocoons. The above information presents you why it is that good reputation in the world of fabrics. Silk is definitely one of the best choices for people who love of natural and quality fabrics. TheFashionScarves gives you up to 50% discount on a complete verity of Fashionable Scarves in

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