Experience breath-taking fashion by sensational designers from the UAE

Recognizing the truest essence of fashion and maintaining a stable global market in the face of ever changing fashion is something Fashion Arabia Group is adept about. Created in 2008 for the sole purpose to channel sensational fashion trends by budding designers to the right target base in the market, Fashion Arabia Group ensures potential investors uphold their reputation and market standards through their sheer love for dynamic couture and accessory collection by investing in resources and finance that would allow these promising talents to bloom into the rose that they are.

The whole concept of Fashion Arabia Group was constructed on three prime pillars. The management for this exceptional Fashion Designer Boutique in Dubai recognized the love that people possessed for true unconventional trends that were not monotonous but rather skillfully crafted for the contemporary waves of dynamic fashion. This, being the first reason, the second pillar that helped facilitate the foundation for Fashion Arabia Group was the spontaneous, high-spirited fashion trends that are constantly expressing rich creativity and vigorous talent by more and more passionate craftsmen. The last straw that made Fashion Arabia Group possible was the extensive opportunities UAE global markets have laid out for us that not only supports diversity and empowering determination to showcase new talent but also supports a huge economy that makes these dreams come true.

A burning example of Fashion Arabia Group’s impact was the Emirati fashion designer Abeer Al Suwaidi who brought her revolutionary concept to the forefront where abayas- usually monotonous in black got a new re-incarnated look to it. Instead of simply black, abayas finally found life within them using contemporary never before seen materials, cross cultured styles and vibrant enlivening colors.

We don’t just display the couture and accessory collection brought to us by exceptional designers but also boost them up through our expertise and financial assistance. Being a local homegrown business, we partner with top-notch clients who support our dynamic dream which helps us create a superb brand recognition and market holding strategy to facilitate these very fashion moguls in their journey to stardom.

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