Mix and Match your Blouse designs with Saree to Create a Style Statement of your Own


Festival season is synonymous with fashion and new dresses. Everyone wants to dress up well and look beautiful. Navratri is one such time when you want to flaunt your well-toned body in bright colourful outfits! Saree being our traditional dress is the preferred choice among Indian woman during festivity. A classy blouse and a saree can add a different aura to Indian women.

Here is a guide to team up with different sleeve designs of blouses this festive season to grab other’s attention, and get compliments your way! We all get awestruck when we see celebrities wearing something different yet carrying it off quite well. In reality, we can also do something similar without going overboard. In this spring-summer season, let’s pair both saree and blouse in some unusual pairing that doesn’t go as per the norms. However, you can certainly break some norm and create a new one.

A Combination of fire and ice

You will look absolute ravishing in cool blue saree. However, it will not go that well with a muted coloured blouse. A bold mixing will add some spark to it. Why don’t you pair it with a yellow blouse? The deadly combination of fire yellow with the coolness of blue ice will complement you like anything. Thus, the combination of colours can add extra zing to your pairing. Try out flamboyant colour like florescent yellow blouse with a lehenga saree. You will certainly become the cynosure of all eyes!

Purple all the way

Following monochrome design is yet another fun way of quirking up a saree. The rich purple with a tinge of gold will make you look gorgeous. It is quite fair to play safe by wearing a contrast blouse. You can also wear a quirky polka inspired purple blouse if contrast colour is not available. Adding a fun element to a traditional attire will always set you apart from the crowd. It will surely be a perfect blend of tradition and style!

Sunny side up

Taking inspiration from the life around you. You can pair the sunny shade with black and moon white. A gorgeous gold embroidered black blouse will enchant to your looks. Buy some bold jewellery, and nobody can stop you from being the centre of attraction.

This is the season of colours. So, you can mix and match different shades and play around. In Indian tradition there is no such concept of too many colours. If the saree we are wearing has three colours on it, we can easily wear a blouse that is far away from the colour scheme.

Kala Chashma Look

We can take a usual saree and enhance the style quotient by doing some sort of rework on the blouse. Simply rework on sleeve length or the height of the blouse to give a corset look that works wonders. It changes your look completely. A plain saree with a dramatic blouse will rise the bar this season.

Thus try to create an unusual combination, which is not only eye-appealing, but also create a statement on its own. Stay vibrant and stay fashion conscious!

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