The one thing you should know about your outfit color

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We live in a society of suppers, super gulpes, super meals and super PACs and that’s all lovely but sometimes a little goes a long way. When it comes to fashion a little color can change everything. A color pop takes an outfit from day to night , summer to fall , or winter to spring. Hues are powerful fashion weapon which win the war with boring and outdated fashion just by showing up.

Every year and seasons new color trends pop up on the runways and fashion magazines and give new ways to updates our looks. Last summer the fashion Gods gave new, but subtle life to the 80’s neon trend by introducing these bright and eye catching hues in many different forms, from clothing and shoes to accessories such as handbags and jewelry. But what do the colors we choose tell about us?

What do colors say about you?

People subconsciously favor a color based on their deeper personality traits. what is your color?

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Black: Authority & respect

White: optimistic & stable

Red: outgoing & confident

Green: :calm & caring

Blue: self-confidence, ambition & loyal

Purple: Fancy & sophisticated

Nahal, Editor @Nifty

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