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Is fashion becoming a dying industry? That’s the number one topic that everyone is discussing right now. It seems fashion doesn’t hold any exclusivity like it once did. Before, you had designers like Cristabal Balenciaga, Christian Dior, Chanel, Thierry Mugler that brought a sense of freshness to their collections, leaving you to wanting More. In today’s era, we’re drowned in fast fashion like H&M, Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Things and Instagram models who feel that their designers by slapping together material and calling it Real Fashion makes you wonder; Has Fashion started to die out.

One can argue that fashion is going in a new direction, evolving. Others will say that the market is overly saturated to the point that anyone can get into it with no qualifications. I feel that some fashion houses are still telling a story through their runway collection (Gucci being one of the fashion houses) others, not so much. And while we see the rise of street wear, the ugly made pretty phase and mass product collaborations, we have to wonder is there any room left for creativeness. Even from an editorial standpoint, certain magazines seem to have lost its sense of touch with questionable editorial choices.

I must say, this phenomenon has transmuted into one big movement of different trends. I guess we can catagortirize it as the NEW PART OF FASHION. It’s interesting to see what the future will become of fashion. Time will tell.