2017 brings mesmerising style ideas to carry the classic leather jackets with edge

No matter how innovative you manage to become with your wardrobe essentials by adding newest items every now and then, you cannot stay away from some of the best classic pieces. By this we mean something more than the white shirt and the blue denim that has become your daily thing. We are talking about the vintage leather jackets that are relevant with equal poise in today’s contemporary fashion age. The leather jackets today are crafted with much required modish vibes that make them more in sync with the style choices prevalent amongst the fashionable crowd today. Be it the usual moto designed jacket, the embellished one, or the oversized leather jacket, you will never fall out of options in the retail stores when it comes to buy these at affordable rates.

The leading fashion houses, wholesalers and manufacturers are introducing, or rather reinventing the timeless and vintage leather jackets, with something fresh and updated. These custom leather jackets come with flair and high end fabrics to satiate your style urges effortlessly.

Here are some of the looks, the women can try out this year.

The turtle neck game

It is time to spruce up the turtle neck game of yours with the classic black or maroon or any other colored leather jacket. Add the leather jacket to your turtle neck sweater or the tee with simple skirt or the denims for a much put together and well-coordinated smart look. Add the statement neckpiece with this to add some shimmer easily.

The floral dress fun

Don’t you want to look totally and purely feminine and charming in the colourful floral dress? It is time to pump it up with some cutting edge boyish stance as you wear it with a black classic and very smart looking leather jacket. Add this with some minimal looking accessories and booties to look very different.

The flannel flair

It is time to get an amazing attire as you mishmash two bets classic items from your closet and get something timeless to wear for a casual occasion. Yes, we are talking about the plaid flannel outfits being combined with the vintage leather jacket. Be it the flannel mini skater skirt, the pencil skirt, or the flannel trouser or even the flannel shirt, make sure to drape them with the leather jackets for the most high end silhouette to go for.

Add some splash of colors

You might be tired of wearing the same old dark colored leather jackets, and it is time to add some splash of colors to your persona with either the colourful leather jackets, or keep things original with a neutral shaded leather jacket worn with the colourful dress, or top with pant of yours.

Keep layering

When it chills too much outside, you would need something to clarify your layering woes. For all these issues, you can wear the leather jacket with your trench coat, your sweater or any other winter staple too. This is a wonderful way to feel warm and look stylish.

Just like the hoodies are crafted with novelty by the hoodies manufacturers, go for the newest range of leather jackets brought in by the wholesale designers.