Men’s Varsity Outerwear Styling Tips

Varsity jackets have always been quite popular with men and designers seem to be adding new elements in them to make it better. The varsity jackets back in 30’s were made of entirely different material than those of today. Now jackets are available in silk, leather, suede and nylon although the traditional cotton ones are available too but they tend to get too heavy. This is why there are new lighter materials that have been introduced. Here are some quick ways on how you could style this men’s fashion outerwear.

Band Collar Single Button Plain Gentlemen Woolen Men Coat

Sporty Look:
Varsity jackets can give you a sporty look instantly. Black is a preferable colour. Select piece which is a bit loose, made of thick material and has just a couple of elements on it such as a number and a different coloured waist band or one with stripes. You could go for a button style or a zipper one both would look handsome.

Joggers are a perfect option that would go with this sporty look giving you a casual look. It helps in easing out the look. Bold patterns are a big no, although both light and dark solid colours would look good.

If you pick a dark pair of joggers you could select a t-shirt of any colour but if you pick a light coloured jogger then pick a dark coloured t-shirt. Since we are trying to look sporty let your t-shirt be a bit loose.

A pair of plimsolls or trainers would complete your sporty look.

College Look:
This is the traditional look for styling varsity jackets. Pick a jacket that has unique points such as contrasting cuffs and collar, leather sleeves or different colour sleeves, you can try looking for one with your initials or have it done from a good tailor. Pick a bright coloured jacket and for a college look try and pick a cotton one.

Lapel Men Trench Coat

Chinos are a good choice and if you think you can carry a patterned trouser then it would look smart too. Make sure the trouser end on the ankle.
A plain white shirt or plaid shirts are ideal choice for this look.

Loafers, brogues or boat shoes would look good.

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