This situation highlights the lack of security in our industry

A closeup photo of a hair stylist cutting a client’s hair.

The salon industry’s job growth has consistently outperformed the overall economy in 11 of the past 14 years. It is touted as a career that offers you the ability to be your own boss, travel, and connect with clients, forging relationships across racial lines and class differences. That growth may…

In an industry where the average funding for Black women is $42,000, she’s accrued millions

The war room I am sitting in is pink and soft and large, and it exists because of a bad manicure.

I’m in London, in the conference room of Beautystack, a beauty-booking startup founded by entrepreneur Sharmadean Reid. The office is a hyperfeminine combination of white and pink, with iridescent…

Arabelle Sicardi

I wear stuff and write about stuff.

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