Travelling the world is not just for the sake of travelling it’s to discover other cultures and to embrace other environments. I love travelling it’s something that I’m willing to discover different ways of living. As I have a unique back ground where my mother is South American and my father is Portuguese I already have a pretty amazing culture of my own. I speak both languages Spanish and Portuguese along side my mother tongue English and German as I learnt German at school and Italian as my uncle lived in Italy for some time so yes I’m bilingual. For me it’s easy I would say to fit in different countries as I speak a wide range of languages and I could probably enjoy myself more as I understand them and they understand me.

My recent visit to a country was my father’s country Madeira a small native island which belongs to Portugal. I loved every second of my experience it wasn’t my first time not at all I’ve already been a few times before however this was my third time alone as the previous visits I’ve gone by myself; it’s not that scary trust me!

The experience is always great the food is out of this world something you can’t even describe that’s how good it is; the people are great and sooo friendly- so willing to help and well what can I say about the view; it’s paradise- beaches, clear blue oceans, so relaxing and busy at the same time so much to do in such a short amount of days. as I have family out there my accommodation was free which is perfect and had more time to chill out, visit museums, have fun at festivals, swim in the ocean, shop til I drop and drive the highway. The water is my life it’s like I’ve been sent to my own little world on mine and I don’t want to break away from paradise I feel safe and I feel like home; I belong where I am, It was faith me being there at that moment.

I’ll be honest with you time flies when your having fun so my advice here is too travel while you can and discover things and share your story with others. When you have the opportunity to travel and visit other countries look up where to go recommended by others and discover- be part of this travelling community, collect things and pin them up on a map- write about your experience in a scrapbook with cute colours and pictures and remember to never forget your amazing travels because they really do change how you are and open your eyes to different paths/journey’s in your life.

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