Fashion YOUniverse: DIY- Cut-off Shorts

Cut-off shorts are a great way to make sure your shorts make you comfortable. Shorts from stores can make many people uncomfortable with their body, because they are not comfortable with the length of the shorts when they wear them. With cut-off shorts, however, you can determine the length yourself, so you can be sure that you will be comfortable wearing your clothes.


Jeans (you can use other pants, if desired)


Fabric scissors

Thread (optional)

First, put the jeans on, so you can get an accurate fit. Determine how long you want the shorts to be, and make a line in chalk.

Remove the jeans, and cut them, slightly below the chalk line. This is just to make sure the shorts will be even, because your line might not be entirely accurate.

Put the shorts back on. Draw another chalk line. I folded my shorts to the length I wanted, and made sure the two legs were even, and then drew a line at the crease of that fold.

Remove the shorts and cut to the new line. The shorts should curve up in the front and down in the back, with the back being longer.

Put the shorts back on to make sure the fit it just right. I like to cuff my shorts, so I didn’t worry too much about making the edges precise, but if you don’t plan on cuffing your shorts, you can even out the edges now. If you do decide to cuff them, you can use thread to keep the cuffs secure.


Good luck with your DIY projects!