Things To Know About Shopping For Vintage Clothing

Finding the best and most authentic vintage clothing is not an easy task and it should certainly not be believed that such clothes are easily available in the yard sales. Therefore, you should come out of such urban myths about vintage clothes and look at the wider aspect of it so that you can choose the best one to flaunt your style. The fact is that you will not see many vintage clothes in the market and in any other places as these types of clothes are really short in supply. Therefore, you should hunt more till you finally find one that is not a replica or a produce of a mass production unit.

Take Care Of The Body Types

Well, local resources like thrift shops, charity shops and Salvation Army stores in wealthy neighborhoods can be a good resource for Vintage clothing but you should be careful about the body types that are definitive of a p[articular era. You must know the era that is the best for different types of bodies. For curvy bodies it is assumed that 1940s is the best period to look for as clothes were cut more generously and tailoring was more defined at the waist. For tall and slim women clothes from 1930s is best because of its cut on the bias. For busty women 1950s is great time to look for with bigger cups.

Know The Right Price

Price is an important factor to determine whether you are looking at a real Vintage hockey jersey or a mass produce of its replica. Therefore, you should know the ways to judge vintage clothes in terms of its price. Ideally, there is no limit in the pricing of a vintage piece of garment and literally ‘sky is the limit’ when pricing a vintage item is concerned. This is due to that fact that vintage clothes are one of its kinds and there is not a second piece of it available in the market. Therefore, no one else can have or get it and there can be no price tag for such a feeling.

The Cleaning And Caring Aspect

If you really are looking for Vintage clothing then you should also know about the cleaning and caring process of the particular piece. You will certainly not want your thousand dollars’ piece to wear out within a couple of months. You should know whether the piece is fit for dry cleaning. Mind you, the fabric is already quite aged and blasting the dirt with strong chemicals will do more harm than benefit it. Look at the type of fabric as cotton can really be fragile and being old it can be more sensitive to chemicals.

Make Alterations For Perfect Fit

As you do not get vintage clothes in different sizes and numbers, you might not get a piece that will fit on your perfectly. You can always get a vintage piece of garment tailored to ensure perfect fit. Therefore, if you find it needs to be hemmed and the sleeves shortened then do not be afraid to get it done. Take care that you do not damage the integrity of the garment in the process.

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