The Power Crazed Archery Umpire

Had the unfortunate displeasure to watch the Wales vs France 6 Nations rugby game on Friday evening.
It was diabolical…

To the point of me switching the sound off for the second half and resorted to watching Gary Vaynerchuk YouTube videos instead.

A game spoiled by a number of factors… France were shit… Wales couldn’t seem to play against a shit team…

And the main reason, the referee, Wayne Barnes.

It was a situation where the rules of the game policed by an officious idiot, spoiled the game completely.

I’m by no means an expert in rugby laws, but I’m sure there’s an overriding principle of ensuring the rules do not ruin the flow (and crowd enjoyment) of a game

Having been involved in a couple of different sports at reasonably high level (one where I’ve been to a couple of world championships), the officials definitely spoil the game.

I recall a local Archery tournament I competed in in Scotland many years ago, where the official in charge, stopped the WHOLE tournament, pulled all the competitors together and laid down HIS law.

If I wasn’t representing my University at the event, I clearly remember wanting to pack my kit and walk off.

See, I don’t play a game to have some power-crazed idiot official spoil my enjoyment.

Today, my principles are the same.

If someone pisses me off by sending abusive emails, I delete them. If I get trolled by a forum muppet, I’ll walk away. If someone on Facebook takes exception to my comments, I’ll close the browser and get on with my life.

You see, I don’t send these emails to you for abuse in return…

In many respects I don’t do it for the praise either (although thanks to everyone who’s emailed me the last few weeks)

I do it because “I ENJOY IT”

And that’s all that matters.

Many parts of my day to day work are not particularly rock and roll. There’s a decent amount of graft that goes in to running a successful supplement business. (more than most folk are willing to do)

These emails are my outlet, kinda like the whistle on the top of an old school kettle…

Promise me, you’ll find YOUR outlet too? You may find in the future it’ll become profitable too.

More on that next week.

Tim Goodwin

The All Blacks were playing England, and after the half-time whistle blew they found themselves ahead 50–0, Jonah Lomu getting eight tries. The rest of the team decided to head for the pub instead of playing the second half, leaving Jonah to go out on his own.

“No worries,” Jonah told them, “I’ll join you later and tell you what happened.” After the game Jonah headed for the pub where he told his teammates the final score: 95–3.

“What!!!!” said a furious Josh Kronfeld, “How did you let them get three points??!” Jonah replied apologetically, “I was sent off with 20 minutes to go.”