Building Leaders of the Future

Growing a business is a very different game from starting one. As a company goes from startup to scale-up, the founding team draw on entirely different skills. Increasingly, they will undertake more of a leadership role and deliver more results for investors. They have to make the leadership shift.

We have compiled an e-book for CEOs and leaders of all levels of fast-growing technology or social enterprise startups who want to find their entrepreneurial rhythm and propel their company forward.

Today’s founder-CEOs face a major dilemma

  • 75% of venture-backed technology startups fail
  • their challenges are unique as they are disrupting traditional industries
  • most investors prefer the CEO to stay in post as the company grows
  • but most entrepreneurs have never held a leadership position, and
  • many leadership development interventions are viewed as superficial or ineffective

The tech ecosystem offers help on product or business development, however, leadership development and inner agility are lagging. Often seen as soft skills, research shows that it is these abilities that positively correlate to effective leadership and business performance.

Making the transition from founder or product owner to leader can be challenging, especially when effective leadership becomes the dominant factor in success or failure.

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About FastCEO

FastCEO is a leadership and culture accelerator creating agile leaders and organisations. We work with ambitious tech entrepreneurs and leaders empowering fast-growth from the inside-out through observable and pragmatic leadership and business solutions. As a result, the learning is fast and results are sustained.

Unlike traditional leadership and organisational development that focus at the level of applied concepts, techniques and methodologies, we focus one level below these approaches.

We work at a foundational level.

Through an exploration of the human design, we uncover the hidden variable behind personal and business performance. We do this through observable and pragmatic leadership and business solutions that cultivate an agile mindset and result in transformation that is faster, simpler and sustained.