3 Reasons Why Delivery Time Of A Fast Courier Adelaide May Vary

Did you know there are certain factors that can affect the delivery time of a fast courier Adelaide? Among them could be weather condition, accidents on the road as well as other concerns beyond human capability. Below are 3 reasons why the delivery timeframe may vary from one courier assignment to another.
1. Size and weight of the parcel

It is indeed a contributing factor, size and weight of a parcel to be delivered. The time spent moving a huge box requires more hours than moving a small parcel. The actual size and weight of a heavy parcel will already warn the delivery guy how many hours will be spent in travelling due the heavy load, so that the customer can expect some delay.

2. Delivery rules and conditions

Although, most courier companies accept any type of delivery order, some courier service providers still put restriction on certain packages that they can deliver promptly such as oversize packages. This is where delivery rules and conditions of a fast courier Adelaide may apply. For example, even if the courier firm promises fast delivery of goods and documents entrusted to them, it is still their final decision whether your parcel can be delivered at your desired time or not. Remember, if you have a bulk delivery requirement intended to be delivered the soonest possible time, calculate the time the courier guy has to move and load all those boxes inside the delivery van, plus the fact that a special delivery tool may be required for this particular courier job order.

3. Cut-off time

Another element that will affect the arrival time of your delivery even if you contracted a fast courier is not meeting their cut-off time. For example, if your parcel isn’t ready yet upon the arrival of the courier guy, there is a possibility that the courier guy will not make it on time to deliver the parcel at the target delivery address because time is already wasted while waiting for you to pack the parcel.

How to avoid potential delays of your parcel delivery?
· Pack ahead of time, so that when the fast courier Adelaide collects your parcel, it is ready.

· If you called a courier company after their cut-off time, it would be best to verify if they can still accommodate your last minute request because there is no assurance that it can be delivered on time.

· Be flexible to the suggestions of your courier company.

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