Day Seven

August 13th, 2016


That is not my blood pressure numbers. Those numbers are how we based our trip miles. Every 100 miles was when we had to start looking for a gas stop. It was a hassle at times, and wish we could ride further, but it forced us to rest, rehydrate and let the hogs have their well deserved rest.

And this picture is my preferred pit stop snacks.

Now for the other number, 80, that is the posted speed limit! Yahoo!

So we were suppose to stay at the Buffalo Chip until Sunday and ride all the way to Butte, MT, but 525 miles & riding over 8 hours didn’t sound appealing. It was our initial goal to get home ASAP, but that was before riding 15 hours Tuesday. So Donnie found a reasonable place that will take a big chunk out of our ride to Butte, it was the town of Buffalo (keeping with our theme). The motel wasn’t the Four Seasons, but it was nice to have a shower and bathroom and a mattress thicker than 1 inch.

While I was relaxing in my cool motel room, Donnie was out and about finding something to eat for dinner. While searching for food, he got pulled over and hassled by the local Buffalo PD and his recruit. He was pulled over around 9 pm for his handle bars being above his shoulders. So you can drive 80 miles an hour with NO helmet, but somehow if your handle bars are a quarter inch too high, you get hassled. I feel much safer now!

One stop we wanted to see on the way to Sturgis was Devils Tower, but we just didn’t have time to stop, since we were so far behind schedule. But after we decided to leave a day early, we could sqeeze in some of the roadside attractions. What a magnificent natural wonder.

Another of our last roadside attractions was Fort Phil Kearny. It was a very cool history lesson. It was the worst American defeat, until 10 years later when Indians defeated Custer.