Ways to overcome spring exhaustion and address spring cleaning

The spring season has finally come and now, you can make a list of activities you should perform outdoors. However, there is another side of the coin. The change of seasons can have a negative impact on some people and they will require some time to “adjust” to the new weather conditions. There’s a medical explanation for this phenomenon. It’s called spring fatigue. If you are among those individuals who feel under the weather the first few weeks of the spring season, here are a few useful advices to help you overcome that condition so you can maybe address spring cleaning more easily.

- Change your food habits — purchasing a burger at the drive through on your way to work may be a fast and cheap breakfast, but consult the saying: “You are what you eat”. To overcome spring exhaustion, you have to eat foods packed with vitamins. It is all up to you whether you’ll have a healthy smoothie for breakfast or you’ll choose a fruit salad for lunch, the point is to boost your metabolism and detoxify your body. Speaking of body detox, do not forget to drink as much water as possible. Change fizzy drinks with green tea. You’ll be amazed at the big difference after a few days.

- Do something you have always wanted to do — if you have always wanted to start painting or dancing lessons, now is the time to do it. If you find something that appeals to you, you will be looking forward to visiting every class, practicing your hobby and making new friends. That will incredibly improve your mood, which will have a positive effect on your body, too. As a bonus side effect, you’ll feel much less concerned about things such as house cleaning.

- Take care of your home — Do not underestimate the importance of thorough house cleaning. If you do not feel like sanitising every nook and cranny around the house, just arrange professional cleaners. There should be a reliable cleaning agency in your area that has the tools and experience required to do the work. Having your property smelling good and ready for the spring will have a soothing effect on your mind. If you do the home cleaning by yourself, it will have a good effect on your energy levels, too.

- Have a nice sleep — spring fatigue makes you feel lethargic and all you need is to lay on your sofa, and fall asleep before the end of the movie. Well, if that’s what your body wants, feel free to give yourself a treat. Set aside one whole day for yourself. Take a relaxing bath, get some good sleep and you may rest assured you’ll feel as fresh as a daisy on the next day, fully ready to address whatever house cleaning tasks you are thrown against.

Spring fatigue stops you from doing the things you have planned, and makes you feel exhausted and depressed. The best thing you could do is to “reframe” your mind and prepare for the hiking trips, long walks, warm weather and quality time with friends outdoors. Sounds very appealing, doesn’t it? Don’t let the spring exhaustion take over, use all the above-mentioned techniques and welcome the spring season more energetic than ever, with a neat house, too!

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