Goods that can’t be sent through courier

Courier service has been one of the most ancient ways of sending goods to your near and dear ones. But are you aware of the fact that there are certain things which you should not send through courier.

Now a days it isvery important to actually understand that the goods you are sending through courier are safe to send. Any good reputed company would give you a list of goods which they deny to deliver. It is indispensable for any one either a small startup or even a customer to know about the goods that can be sent safely.

Fast line service hereby provides you with a list of items which are prohibited when you are sending goods through courier.

1. Glass breakable items

2. Antiques

3. Alcohol

4. Currency of any nation

5. Perishable food

6. Perfumes

7. Jewelry- gold, silver or any other metal.

8. Business papers, stocks papers, security, bond or any property papers.

9. Human material or medical bio waste.

10. Tobacco

These are some items which a courier service provider will not serve you with. If anyhow the goods are extremely necessary to send then you can properly wrap your item and show the pictures from inside as well as outside. If the courier man finds it safe to deliver he might say yes. But make sure that the things are not worth a fortune and won’t make massive loss if not delivered somehow. That is why it is advised to choose the ones which are extremely proficient at their work and ensures guarantee. So make fast line as your first preference when courier is concerned. With the trust and reputation they will give you right advice and satisfaction that your goods are safe.