Fastpack- Fidget Spinner Giveaway

Fastpack started its on-demand delivery service in Hubballi in the month of May,May end to be precise and its almost been 2 months and we have already done 100 deliveries.

100 deliveries in 2 months in a 2 tier city like hubballi is a great achievemnt in itself!. Initially when we started our services our conversion rate was very low!. We had made deals with 10 shops, and the deliveries we got in a week from them combined would be just 2!.

Even while deciding the prices we had kept in our mind the people of hubballi, what cost would suit them ,how much would they pay!. The low conversion rate did dishearten us!. At a point we weren't sure if hubballi,our hometown, was the city for our service. But something amazing happened!.

“Word of mouth”.

We literally heard strangers from street in some areas talking about Fastpack! and customers asking store owners to to get their things delivered through fastpack.

Our service just rocketed!

May 25 — june 10 — 15 deliveries.
June 11 — june 30 — 45 deliveries
July 1 — july 12 — 50 deliveries

And this rate we have achieved just from word of mouth!

Till date we haven't done any sort of marketing!

Hence we feel obliged to the people of Hubballi for showing us such love!We just don't wanna thank you and close things up,As a token of gratitude we are giving away “Fidget spinners”!. Yes you read it right! We are giving away fidget spinners to 3 lucky winners from Hubballi!

All you have to do is

Get your very own Fidget Spinner now!

— Team Fastpack