Why do we deliver?

A few weeks ago one of our co-founder came up with a very basic but gutsed idea of delivering products within a city.

[Basic because every person had had this thought of delivery but never implemented it


Gutsed because it takes real courage to actually start such a service and take responsibility of products that belong to another human.]

He came to us with this idea and the rest of us immediately liked it;we were all set to get this service out of his mind and set some action for real in our city which is called Hubballi.We named it “Fastpack — a rapid local delivery service”, a local delivery service wherein anybody can deliver anything (well except for drugs,guns etc., that could get somebody killed or land us in a jail) to anybody in the city. Simple as that.

You can know more about Fastpack here.

We’ve done more than 100 deliveries in 2 months.Well that is totally awesome number for a 2 tier city like Hubballi.

One day we set out to meet one of our cofounders’ dad to explain him about our business.We sat in his office,his kid sat next to him,he took out plain papers,a calculator,opened ms excel and waited for us to speak.

The father of this idea began to speak about his new infant to the dad with white papers.The dad listened carefully to the idea and then he drew a vertical and then a horizontal line and wrote “S”,”W”,”O” ,”T” respectively in the boxes made by those two lines.

The “W-weakness” and “T-threats” blocks were filled to the brim with issues like man power,safety of the product etc., whereas

The S box i.e., Strength had one important thing ie., 4 out of 5 of us knew computer programming well.

The O box had a good number of things as well,like expanding to another city or making a good amount of money considering we are able to tackle our W’s and T’s.

The five of us chose to build a software with no loopholes whatsoever and handle the deliveries ourselves with a innumerable W’s and T’s.

Why did we do this? Are we crazy? Is this a very bad move? Or are we stubborn millennials?

For sure we are stubborn millennials and crazy but definitely this is not our bad move!

Trust me we’ve taken many unrealistic,unworthy,foolish decisions and this,starting Fastpack and managing the deliveries is definitely not one among them!

Theres a very basic,simple reason behind doing deliveries on our own:Trust and Happiness.

We want to build trust amongst our customers by providing top notch, safety driven,high quality service with utmost discipline which will help us brand Fastpack


The joy ,the happiness that you get by moving a package from one place to another is ..well simply immeasurable.

Till now we’ve helped people with their Spectacles(an essential), School uniforms(ah..that relief on a child's face when he/she gets their uniform before hand),Food(well,do i need to say anything??),helmets(we take great honor in protecting your head),Homework(yes,we save your lives when you’re teacher is just about to give you thrashings) and the list goes on.

And thats why we love to deliver!

-Team Fastpack

P.S.: If you wanna know how we work,click here.