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For most people particularly students, completing an essay can be quite stressful. Not only do they lack the time to finish the assignment but also the knowledge to adequately research the work.

As a result, most students opt to use Essaybot services or hire a writer. Online writing services such as and Essaybot Reddit allow users to get academic assistance.

The different Subreddits contained in Essaybot Reddit provides users with the help they need to complete their assignments. Some use live tutors or writers while others employ AI technology.

The key in getting the right kind of help is understanding how the different online writing services work and their features.

So, let’s dive right in!

How would you define EssayBot Reddit?

Put simply, this is a Subreddits’ section that provides Homework help, tutoring, essay writing services, proofreading/editing services, and all other kinds of academic assistance.

It is important to remember that essay bot Reddit has several areas, all of which are unique in their own way. Some of them are useless while others are quite helpful. The key is getting the right Subreddit to successfully meet your need on essay bot Reddit. Once you have achieved this, you are one step closer to academic success.

Important Subreddits on EssayBot Reddit

The Reddit app offers numerous options to help with your academic needs. Whatever academic assistance that you need to accomplish, there is a Subreddit for it. However, from our analysis, we recommend the following;

Ø r/HomeworkStation

Ø r/Homework_Marketplace

Ø r/GrammarCheck

The above Subreddits are each best suited for their unique purposes. Therefore, before deciding on a specific Subreddit, ensure that you shop around. Getting satisfactory results is your primary goal so it is important to do plenty of research.


Instead of essay bots, this Subreddit uses live writers. With r/HomeworkStation, users can sell or buy a wide range of academic services that include writing assistance and tutoring.

r/HomeworkStation gives you the confidence to know the kind of quality service that you are getting through its tagline which claims that it’s the “Essay Generator Reddit.”

Students may post various kinds of platforms and assignments for tutors and writers to attempt based on the HomeworkStation outline given under the section named “Services Offered”. They include online courses, Custom Essay Writing, Accounting, Paper Writing Services, SPSS Statistic, Programming, Math, Adobe (Premier, Photoshop and Illustrator), and Sciences (Physics, Biology and Chemistry).

This Subreddit uses PayPal to allow users to sell and buy academic services. The good thing about PayPal is that it offers buyer protection and accepts various payment methods such as bank account, credit cards, Bitcoin, and many others.


r/Homework_Marketplace is a subreddit that offers tutoring and writing services. Just like any marketplace, there is buying and selling of services. Tutors and writers advertise their services while students post ads for help that are bid on by other people.

The “About” section in this subreddit reads, “A place for students to pay vetted tutors to do their homework, finish online exams, write essays and complete other assignments.”

This subreddit has two post flairs to help users differentiate between buying and selling of services: “Help!” and “Tutor Here!”

“Tutor Here!” help you advertise your tutoring or writing services while “Help!” indicates that you need someone to handle your assignment.


Just as the name suggests, this subreddit examines all posted items for grammatical errors.

r/GrammarCheck does not use live writers like r/HomeworkStation and r/HomeworkHelp to offer educational assistance, instead it employs essay bots. Should the essay bot be late in getting to your post, other users are free to respond and correct grammar issues.

Unlike other communities on essaybot Reddit, this one contains the least number of members and minimal activity. It has only 50 members. However, if you need to consult on any grammatical issue or enhance your text, they serve the role of a human reviewer.

Which Subreddit on Essaybot Reddit is the best?

Based on our analysis of the role played by each of the subreddits listed above, this may be a tough call. However, our most preferred one is r/HomeworkStation.

Unlike other subreddits, r/HomeworkStation is not overly congested with users and writers seeking academic services. This means that the number of posts or offers available everyday are not overwhelming. In addition, it offers a wide range of services and is just the right size. These compelling arguments make r/HomeworkStation a perfect resource for marketing educational assistance on Essaybot Reddit.

As mentioned earlier, HomeworkStation is a professional and proficient essay writing service that allows users to buy and sell academic services. This makes it an excellent choice for individuals requiring assistance with their workload.

A huge resource that has made it easier for students to get the help they need to complete their assignments is the internet. The key is identifying the right subreddit or website.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Essaybot Reddit


Essaybot Reddit helps students get the academic services they require to complete their assignments thereby reducing their workload.

The Subreddits in this app are excellent in providing you with the help you need to get creative ideas flowing. Usually, when writing an essay using essay bots, you don’t receive the final draft but clues to help you complete your assignment. The community gathers information from the internet based on your post that can assist you finish your homework. In some cases, they even create a list of references you can look through for further research.

Helps you save a lot of time. Getting the information you need within a single click will save you enormous time that you would have spent sifting through tones of useless information in the internet.

Essaybot Reddit helps you enhance your overall grade by making class material more understandable. Instead of the whole essay, they provide you with the ideas you need to complete the homework by yourself.

The option available in the past for students with homework problems included;

· Getting help from a classmate

· Using the internet to research the question for relevant clues.

· Looking through class notes or textbooks for the right information.

This entire process has been simplified by Essaybot Reddit. All you need to do is create a post with your question and wait for help from someone.


There are a number of disadvantages of using hired writers or AI technology to help you with your homework. They include;

There is no guarantee that the information you receive from essaybots is factually accurate

This means that you will have to fact check the output that you receive from Essay bots which is a tedious and long process.

To some extent, Essaybots can impede the writing process instead of streamlining it.

Researching and completing the essay by yourself may take a shorter time than the fact-checking process.

A lot of proofreading is needed sometimes

In most cases, you will be required to make significant edits to the essay to make sure that it is not only readable but makes sense to the readers. Even with accurate information, Essaybots does not provide you with a well formatted copy.

By hiring a live writer, the above issues can typically be solved. However, the associated risks with hiring a tutor or writer include;

There are no guarantees in terms of work quality

Without previously written samples from the writer, you are taking a leap here. You could end up incurring premium prices for substandard work.

The writers you find in this app may have questionable integrity

The entire essay or parts could be plagiarized even after being promised an original essay.

Generally, with Essaybots you can never be completely sure that you will receive what you are promised when you pay for academic help or writing assistance.

What is makes it easier for you to get writing assistance on any kind of academic paper from an experienced writer. This online service is an excellent alternative to Essaybot Reddit. They have an extensive database of highly experienced writers who start working on your order as soon as you place it.

Each order includes;

Ø Unlimited free revisions

Ø Complete confidentiality

Ø A free reference and title page

Ø Online customer support 24/7

Ø A plagiarism-free guarantee

Ø A 14 days money-back guarantee

Ø An original essay done from scratch.

You control every detail of your paper, down to the font and format. This is irrespective of the level or complexity of the subject matter.

The Process

After placing your order, the team at assigns your paper to a writer who must complete your order within your set deadline.

Here is an overview of the entire process;

· Once you place your order, writers place their bids on it. The team at assigns the most qualified writer your order to work on it.

· Clients are free to communicate with the writer working on their order through the website’s online messaging feature. This is particularly useful if you have any additional information or instruction to give pertaining your order.

· After completion, the work is submitted to the editors who proofread the essay to ensure that it was completed to the highest standard and that the writer followed the instructions.

· The order is now available for your view. You are free to request for a rewrite or any number of revisions if you are not satisfied with your essay.

· On your order page, click “Approve Order” if you are satisfied with your essay.

· The team send you a word document of your essay to edit and download.

Features offered by has numerous features that make their services superior than others. They include;

Writer samples

If this is your first time using this online service, you may be worried about your writer’s quality of writing. allows you to rest easy by providing you with writer samples. You are able to receive three samples of the writer’s previous work that have been randomly generated. The sample service cost is $5.

You can read through your writer’s samples to get glimpse of his skill level and style. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the writer’s samples, you can request that your order be reassigned to a new writer. This should be done within two hours.

Money-back guarantee

If for some reason, you want to cancel the order or the essay you received is not to your satisfaction, you can receive a partial or full money-back guarantee.

The refund is dependent on;

· The time remaining until the deadline

· The reason for requesting a refund

· The writer’s compensation for the work completed.

The dispute department handles all refund request. Refunds are issued at the department’s discretion. Request that involves work quality are processed and reviewed within 14 days. Those for cancelation are processed within 4 days.

If you have any reservations about Essaybot Reddit’s reliability and security, you may want to consider Compete customer satisfaction is their main focus.

Progressive delivery

You can request for progressive delivery of your work. If your work has several sections, you can request the writer to submit every portion once it is complete. This allows you to see how your essay is coming along and give a feedback on each section.

Progressive delivery allows you to share any comments you may have with the writer or inform them about changes you want made. Usually, the writer does not start working on the next section until you give the go-ahead so that he or she can incorporate your comments and inputs in the remaining part of the essay.

To receive progressive delivery service, you will be charged a 10% increase of your order’s cost.

Free revisions

Once you receive the link for your view, do not accept the essay before reading it through. If there are areas you need changed or revised, just request for a revision and indicate the amount of time you will require the revised copy. The revisions are absolutely free and you can request for as many revisions as you need until the essay meets your level and standards.

Plagiarism-free guarantee

Every essay completed is 100% original. uses an in-house software to thoroughly screen essays for plagiarism before sending them to clients. The software checks for multiple paraphrasing technique and the common copy and paste plagiarism.

However, it is important to always double-check your work just to be certain. Software such as can help you perform your own plagiarism checks.


Needing some bit of help with your assignment is quite common. Essaybot Reddit may provide you with the help that you need but the costs can be very high. is a more reliable, affordable and safer choice.

Based on our review, we recommend for any academic assistance.




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