August VoIP Tips Roundup

Organizing call flow, IVR script tips, renting hardware, & call center features.

Another month has passed, meaning we have another set of great tips from our cloud specialists.

We’ve focused on making your call flow more seamless to be as productive as you can be, tips on creating an IVR script to create the best impression, alternatives to purchasing hardware, and the call center features that boost your communications strategy.

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And now, let’s recap.

Staying organized is one of those standard business traits everyone needs. If you can’t stay organized, how can you stay focused? Organizing your call flow has the same effect on your internal processes.

The way your callers interact with your business starts with your phone system and this video talks about how and why you need to consider organizing your call flow. (Hint: it’s all about the customer!)

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The greeting on your phone system is like a handshake between your company and the caller; it’s the first impression a person has of your business, so it pays to be selective of what you say and how efficiently you can direct callers to the right department or extension.

An auto attendant is an essential part of a successful communication strategy because it not only positions you as a credible and professional entity, it also allows you to control the information your callers get about your business (i.e. business hours, location, upcoming promotions, etc.)

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Whether you’re starting a business and need to buy office phones or you’ve had the same phones since the beginning of time and you want to upgrade, we’re encouraging business owners to take a different approach with how they get new hardware…


Our cloud consultant, David, makes the case for renting your devices and even has an offer for new customers.

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Call centers take on a large volume of calls going in and out all day. These are companies that need robust features in order to help them manage, but these aren’t necessarily features exclusive to call centers. Business of all sizes can benefit from these features.

Watch the video to see how you can dominate your calls with the same features.

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