I was born as a puny girl who bore less than 150 cm height even though I have reached 18,complete with a very small hand and feet. You can imagine my live’s struggle whenever i had a brawl with my friends. I can’t surely defeated their bigger size. I am introvert and diffident too. The more I grows up, the more i feels unworthy of myself. The negative words like “ why you can’t be a person who is more friendly and worthless” keeps resonating my mind. I am getting more and more jealous of how many of my friends are so friendly and have a lot of friends. I am trying to do that too, but then I realise that it just not me. I look upon my friend and sees how my brighter and talkative friends are getting more attention than me. On the other side it could just be me who is getting more lonelier, because of the few events i had to endure in my life.

I want to shout and cry to someone and tell them of how the wreck my life is. Sadly, I am a person who puts a little trust on people. You can not just tell your problem to someone of whom you never know its true manner. That is my principle.

So at the end, I just close my eyes and says “ those who ignores and belittle you, will be never the cause of your death. Never let them influence your mind and mess up your day. You are the one who control your mind, not them. Be strong and kind.”

*p/s: sorry for my bad english.