Over the last few years, a new internet language has emerged. We’ve been using waka flocka gifs, spongebob memes, crying jordans, dissapointed selfies and pretty much anything else you can think of to respond, react, rant, and review every moment, every story, and every idea on the internet.

Despite this, creatives have been reduced to 280 character tweet storms, selfie videos which expire in 24 hours, random images taken in LA with grainy filters, and lip-sync-driven-music-videos of cardi-b.

Seems like there might be room for something new? And we believe Captioned can be that thing.

Today we’re launching a fun…

Turns out, like most things, podcasting is better w/ friends. But what if your only friend lives in New York 😢? Or Canada 😱?? Or you’ve only met on twitter 💀??? Are you just f@#$ed? Do you have to podcast alone? Forever!? Or worse, just not podcast at all?!?!

Honestly, thank god. Because today, right now, Bumpers (download now), is launching a new feature that we call: “Remote Recording”.

Remote Recording works by giving “you” the ability to connect to “me” — from anywhere in the world (using the ✨internet✨). Wow.

Views from the 6 weeks in hell I spent rewriting bumpers in react.

Download bumpers.fm to read narrate your own Medium article.

I just completely rewrote the Bumpers web app using react. (If you don’t know what bumpers is, it’s this super chill app for recording/sharing audio stories on your phone. Download it, it will actually f*** your whole life up. It’s the greatest app ever made. React? It’s aight.)

At any rate, what follows are all of my notes, thoughts, etc. on this process. (Things I wish I had read before I started). Hopefully you’ll get something out of it.


GOD. I hate frameworks. A lot.

I also hate not having a…

An introduction to our powerful IOS Editor

This is our editor. It was built to enable you to produce high quality, professional sounding podcasts, right from your phone. You can use it to cut out portions of your audio, add music segues and background music, compose together multiple drafts, inject audio clips to fix mistakes, and much more.

Let’s get started.

Table of Contents

  1. Playing back audio
  2. Cutting out audio
  3. Adding segues
  4. Adding background music
  5. Adding labels
  6. Importing audio

Playing back audio

The first and most basic thing you’ll probably want to do after recording something, is listen to it. …

This is the audio version… in case… you know. you want to hear me say fuck greg.

fuck greg.

I always believe that to be the best, you have to smell like the best, dress like the best, act like the best. When you throw your trash in the garbage can, it has to be better than anybody else who ever threw trash in the garbage can.

— Lil Wayne

The best at drawing pictures of myself

I’ve been meaning to write something about the CSS at Medium for a while because I’m not completely ashamed of it…

So how did that happen? What did we do differently? OMG, how can you do the same thing? Or learn from us, or something?

What follows are some…

All your favorite MCs play. It’s rap game rap game.

In February 1974, Milton Bradley introduced the world to connect four. Today, every rapper you know fucks with that shit. This is an exegesis on that phenom.

Half the profit get flown out Vegas
Me and my niggas try an’ break tables
Stack chips like Connect Four
While you pricks try and whip try and stretch more
Beanie Sigel


Feel good Kanye sons chubby Jonah Hill while singing along to his own s***. Watch this, it will put you in a good mood.


Trinidad James and Chance the Rapper

Trinidad low key beats Chance in a mansion in Australia (starts at 9:56).


A$AP Rocky and DJ Bonics

Dat PMF…

I used to work at Twitter. Among other things, this meant I had the opportunity to meet a lot of random celebrities.

Kanye West came and performed “Power” acapella, Snoop Lion came and smoked us out (this is still one of the best things that I’ve ever seen IRL), Jamie Oliver (the Naked Chef) came and talked to us about eating healthier, and Rainn Wilson *actually* came.

Wilson was there to say “hi” and to tell us about his new project, SoulPancake (he had just published a book and was going to sign it… etc.).

At the time Twitter had…

Photo by the v lovely @olivia

I didn’t think I’d learn anything building Bootstrap.

Actually, I was pretty confident I wouldn’t learn anything.

As a technical challenge, Bootstrap just isn’t very interesting. It’s trying to provide a collection of components — components like modals, tooltips, and grids that have been around the Web forever — to people who don’t spend a lot of time writing frontend code.

That’s it

There’s nothing groundbreaking there.

I knew it would enable people to move faster and build more beautiful products, and that was great. …


computer loser / captioned co-founder (captioned.com)

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