The Top Quarterback of the Week (Week 5, 2016): Tom Brady

By Alec Depofi

Week 5 vs the Browns was Tom Brady’s much anticipated return after suffering a four-game suspension. The big question was how was Brady going to play after missing the first four games of the season. Was he going to be rusty? Unfortunately for the Browns, Brady was in midseason form. He finished the game 28/40 with 406 yards and three TDs.

Brady’s 1st TD of the season. He does a nice job of sitting in the pocket as he waits for the play to develop.

In the following drive, Brady would answer with another touchdown pass to Martellus Bennett.

Give Brady all day to throw and he will make you pay. He throws a beautiful 43-yard dime to Chris Hogan.
3rd and goal. Brady leads Bennett perfectly.
Dime of the game. On 3rd and 6, Brady extends the play and throws a 63-yard dime to Hogan
Brady's 3rd TD of the game. A beautiful pass to a wide-open Bennett.
Here’s another wow throw from Brady. He hits “Gronk” right in the bread basket.

Brady played and looked like this was his 5th game of the season. He was firing on all cylinders all game long. He threw 29 accurate passes, four catchable passes, four bad passes, two throw aways, and one throw that couldn’t be graded.

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