Week 6— NFL QB Grades

FATstats grades quarterbacks from week six of the 2017 NFL season

Week 6 QB FAT Grades

QB FAT Grades (out of 100): normalized version of our FAT Score divided by the QB’s “scorable play count” for that week’s game.

See our 2016 QB breakdown for more details about our grading system.

Key Takeaways from Week 6:

  • Amazing what a running game can do for vet like Carson.
  • Besides the top three QBs in week six, there wasn’t a lot of great QB performances. A ho-hum week.
  • Brees has not missed our top 10 since the start of the season.
  • Aaron Rodgers…you will be missed this year. Time for backup, Brett Hundley, to step up.
  • No more Hoyer…hello, Beathard.

1. Carson Palmer — TB — 88.2 (on 24 scorable plays)

Palmer was on FIRE! He did not throw an incomplete pass until the 3rd quarter. Palmer was accurate all game and had a great day with his favorite target Larry Fitzgerald. Makes you wonder how much of a factor Adrian Peterson was to help the pass game. Palmers first incompletion was his only bad throw of the game and it happened to be intercepted on a long ball.

2. Carson Wentz — @ CAR — 84.6 (on 34 scorable plays)

Carson Wentz looked great. Minus a couple of forgettable throws, he played one of his best games that I’ve ever watched (I don’t watch all of his games, so I’m not saying it was his best game ever). He is so freakin’ mobile, man. He can find loads of time in the pocket and find his receiver almost anywhere on the field. He’s having a stellar sophomore campaign so far.

3. Matt Ryan — MIA — 79.9 (on 34 scorable plays)

Ryan played a solid game, he was checking down to open wrs all game long and threw a Beautiful 40-yrd TD bomb. However, when the game was on the line in clutch time Ryan looked like a former MVP and moved the Falcons right down the field and connected on two 3rd downs to get his team into FG range. Ryan did end the game on a pick but The INT wasn’t his fault he gave his TE Hooper a chance to make a play on it Just Safety Rashad Jones made a better play and made contact with Hooper with popped the ball lose and Jones picked off the ball. Watching that final drive everyone in the stadium thought Ryan was going to throw the game winning TD.

4. Ryan Fitzpatrick — @ ARI — 73.7 (on 36 scorable plays)

Fitzpatrick came in with the Bucs down alot and he was not able to connect early. He got into a rhythm towards the end and led a good drive to bring the game within a score but it was not enough. Fitzmagic was not so magical when he was backed up on his own 1-yard line and stared down his receiver and threw an interception. That was just a terrible play by him and was part of the reason they weren’t able to come back.

5. Kirk Cousins — SF — 73.5 (on 42 scorable plays)

Kirk might have started 2017 off slow but he’s looking better as the weeks progress and he establishes a rhythm with his new offensive weapons. His inaccuracies are still hindering him and this offense (10 inaccurate passes and 2 interceptable passes) but his play-makers like Chris Thompson continue to bail him out of pressure situations. It’s important to note, he was responsible for two touchdowns (one pass in the red-zone to Doctson and another for a scramble on a read-option).

6. Jay Cutler — @ ATL — 72.2 (on 33 scorable plays)

Cutler played a very hot and cold game, in the first half he was very cold and he and the entire offense looked flat. Cutler was missing some easy throws in the first half, in the second half the dolphins simplified their offense and it worked Cutler took what the defense was giving them and was checking down and making the right reads. Cutler did convert on two huge 4th downs to help the dolphins get points and scored points on 4 straight drives in the 4th qtr to win this game

7. Drew Brees — DET — 71.8 (on 31 scorable plays)

Drew Brees, first mate of the S.S Yucky in this one, with the Captain being Matt Stafford. I uh… I’m not really sure what I just watched. I haven’t been stumped on writing material for quarterbacks yet, but I honestly just don’t know what to say. This has to be a big joke.

8. Deshaun Watson — CLE — 71.4 (on 35 scorable plays)

Evident from when he almost beat Bama and apparent when he did. The Texans got a steal in Watson. He can flat out ball. He’s fun to watch and really good. He makes some rookie mistakes which is understandable but the level of play is tremendous. The Browns got to see firsthand what they passed on and it must have felt bitter. Watson has a cannon for an arm and can read defenses well. Hes also really good on his feet. Fun to watch can’t wait to see this kid for years to come.

9. Jacoby Brissett — @ TEN — 70.5 (on 42 scorable plays)

Brissett played a pretty solid game. He was very impressive in the first half making some big time throws and runs to have a chance in this game. However, in the third qtr, Brissett and the Colts offense was very quiet and that cost them an opportunity to increase their lead. Brissett played well enough to win this game and he had a golden opportunity with a 4th and 1 down three at the Titans 13yrd line the Colts called a question bootleg play and Brissett was unable to get to the edge and get the first down. I would have liked to see Brissett go for the QB sneak to get the first down and potentially win the game. Overall I Think Brissett has a lot of upside and could be a trade candidate for a qb needy team if he keeps playing this way.

10. Philip Rivers — @ OAK — 70.3 (on 37 scorable plays)

Philip Rivers is looking really good the last two games. What usually happens to him he reversed, he came back and won games and made the other team face the agony of defeat like he is accustomed to. He played really good football when it mattered and it was evident. A lot of check downs but I guess that’s what’s winning games these days. There was a Mike Williams sighting which bodes well for rivers future.

11. Tom Brady — @ NYJ — 69.8 (on 38 scorable plays)

Brady did not look like himself in this game. He could not connect on deep throws; he was short or long on most aside from a beautiful 40+ yard throw to Cooks in the 2nd quarter setting up the game tying score. Brady did just enough however to come out with the win.

12. Trevor Siemian — NYG — 68.2 (on 53 scorable plays)

Siemian had a decent game in this one. Aside from a terrible second quarter where he threw 2 interceptions, one was returned for a touchdown, Siemian turned it around in the second half. He made some plays to bring his team back within 2 scores in the fourth but his defense could not get the ball back to him.

13. Alex Smith — PIT — 68.2 (on 37 scorable plays)

Alex Smith had every opportunity to win this game. Multiple wide-open receivers in his last two drives including one to Demarcus Robinson in the end zone that would have put them down by 2 with a converted extra point. He also had Robinson wide open on a 2nd and 10 that would have put the chiefs in the red zone with about a minute left. The Steelers put a ton of pressure on Smith and the secondary held receivers in check. Smith had most of his success checking down to Hunt in the fourth. Such a golden opportunity for Alex Smith to lead these Chiefs to a comeback victory at home.

14. Case Keenum — GB — 66.9 (on 39 scorable plays)

Case Keenum keeps impressing me week by week. What was once thought of as an “eh” pick up after he left the Texans, it seems that the Vikings have the best backup QB in the game. This offense has so many weapons that Case plays with a confidence that hes never played with. Even missing his top two offensive weapons Case spread the ball with love and this Vikings offense is gelling. Bradford could be out a while and Teddy is rumored to comeback soon so we will see what happens with Minnesota QB ménage à trois.

15. Cam Newton — PHI — 66.4 (on 62 scorable plays)

Cam Newton might need to let off on the pounding just a tad. He came out hot this game, firing on all cylinders and silencing the “Cam is falling apart physically” haters. However, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t notice a significant drop in the efficiency of his play after his late-game, goal-line dive. He got his head smacked down so hard on that field that I winced a little for him. After that, he went on to throw FOUR interceptable balls on the attemped game-winning drives. I love Cam. Mobility, physical runs, and heroic diving is a part of his identity; however, I think he should try to do it a little less.

16. Josh McCown — NE — 66.1 (on 51 scorable plays)

A great start to the game by McCown leading a touchdown drive on the Jets opening drive of the game. McCown looked in control of the offense and made some great throws downfield all game. This game could have ended differently because of a controversial call negating a Jets touchdown in the middle of the 4th quarter. McCown made some good throws on the last drive of the game but came up short in the end.

17. Blake Bortles — LAR — 65.8 (on 40 scorable plays)

The narrative for Blake Bortles and the Jaguars seems to be true. He doesn’t very much help the Jaguars. If anything, he hurts them. Most his throws seem simply scripted, so it seems like the Jaguars want to make him a very little factor, focusing heavily on winning the game with defense and Leonard Fournette. His play, though, is still lackluster. I say that he’s a big reason they lost this game.

18. Marcus Mariota — IND — 64.2 (on 34 scorable plays)

Despite playing with an injured hamstring Mariota played a very impressive game. He showed tonight that he can thrive as a pocket passer. He was forced to throw from the pocket all game long and he carved up the Colts D throwing. Mariota played lights out in the 4th qtr he had a key third and long conversion in the first drive and the Titans were able to score a TD to take the lead then the following drive he completed two straight 1st down throws to Decker followed by a 40-yard air throw bomb to Taylor for a 55-yard TD. Once Mariota’s hamstring heals and he can run watch out for this offense.

19. C.J. Beathard — @ WAS — 62.7 (on 40 scorable plays)

I feel like as soon as Kyle Shanahan replaced Hoyer with C.J. Beathard, the last thing he told C.J. was to “let it fly.” His overall performance was below average and he failed on a big opportunity to lead the 49ers to a game-winning drive for their first victory this year. However, you have to like what you see if you’re a Niners fan. Beathard was slinging confidently, even under pressure, and did make some big, downfield passes (three 20–39 air yard passes — one of which led to a TD). His receivers had some wide-open drops as well. Nonetheless, Beathard forced his throws (three interceptable passes) and was the reason the Niners were not able to win against on the road in Washington.

20. Mitchell Trubisky — @ BAL — 61.8 (on 22 scorable plays)

Trubisky was really handcuffed this game by the Bears. Trubisky only attempted 16 passes all game and that included OT. The bears are lacking playmakers at WR as the receivers couldn’t create any separation all game long. When Trubisky was asked to throw the plays were designed boot legs to help Trubisky make the easy throw. Trubisky did miss some throws you’d except the #2 overall pick to make but when the game matter most and the Bears were facing 3rd and long in OT Trubisky made a hell of a play stepping up in the pocket and avoiding the rush to convert a first down and set the Bears up with the game winning FG.

21. Jared Goff — @ JAC — 60.7 (on 22 scorable plays)

Jared Goff had an off-game. Granted, their defense and special teams put them up by a sizable lead so the offense didn’t have to work too hard, but Goff had a couple of turnover-worthy balls. This is a tough Jags defense, but they weren’t nearly as dominant as they were versus the Steelers last week.

22. Eli Manning — @ DEN — 60.2 (on 23 scorable plays)

Manning did not have to do much in this game. He made some good throws and was able to get in the endzone in the second quarter. With the running game going and a lead into half, Eli did not need to throw much in the second half. Manning did just enough for the Giants to come out with a W.

23. Joe Flacco — CHI — 55.6 (on 45 scorable plays)

Flacco played a pretty poor game and his grade shows that. Flacco couldn’t get anything going all game long, he was missing throws all game and was under a lot of pressure, but that wasn’t the worst part about this game Flacco had two Redzone drives that he cost his team points. The first team had a delay of game penalty that killed the drive and the Ravens had to settle for a FG to close the first half. Then in the 4th qtr Flacco on 3rd and goal makes one of the worst plays I ever seen by throwing a TD when he was about three yards passed the Line of scrimmage. Those are plays you except from a rookie, but yet here were are talking about Flacco making these rookie mistakes. If it were for the Ravens special teams they would have gotten blown out by the bears.

24. Ben Roethlisberger — @ KC — 55.2 (on 25 scorable plays)

Ben had a lot of wide-open receivers in the middle of the field. He made the accurate throw to them. He also threw a ton at or behind the line of scrimmage which we knew would happen. Mainly, Bell and the running game controlled the Steelers offense. Ben got lucky with his touchdown throw to Brown — should have been intercepted but instead hit the defender’s facemask and bounced up to Brown. If that would’ve happened, we probably would be discussing a whole different outcome. Ben is putting the Steelers in jeopary of losing game-in and game-out. He got lucky here.

25. Derek Carr — LAC — 53.5 (on 32 scorable plays)

Derek Carr looks like he just came back from missing a game and a half. He looked rusty and not like the Carr we all fell in love with last year. This is making the potent Raiders offense look I don’t know, mediocre (Get it). But I feel like Carr will drop the rust in the next week or 2 and this Raiders offense will get back in line.

26. Matthew Stafford — @ NO — 52.6 (on 56 scorable plays)

Wow… that is just about the WORST game I’ve ever watched. Drew Brees wasn’t much better, but Matt Stafford was absolutely terrible. Was this a sick joke? Oh my… There were like 15 total passes tipped at the LOS by both quarterbacks. Brees and Stafford are out here handing out turnovers like cookies. Excuse me for a moment, I’m going to go puke.

27. Brett Hundley — @ MIN — 45.3 (on 38 scorable plays)

Aaron Rodgers will be missed…with that said Brett didn’t play too, too bad. Not Favre of course I’m talking about Hundley. The UCLA product has learned behind a QB people consider to be the greatest and you can tell. Yea, it looked rough at times as he never plays significant time in a game before, but he did show poise many times. He did check off a few times but slanged the rock which was really enjoyable. I can only see him getting better as now going forward he knows he will be the starter for a little bit.

28. Kevin Hogan — @ HOU — 39.3 (on 47 scorable plays)

Kevin Hogan isn’t a good NFL starter. Kizer isn’t that good yet either but I feel you should let the rookie play. However, this game has to pain the Browns to watch Watson, who they passed on, ball out. Hogan checked down a lot and had a garbage time TD he was less than pedestrian and if I was a Browns fan I would be really annoyed at the product. The team is young and has a lot of potential, they just need a reliable signal caller.

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