Week 7— NFL QB Grades

FATstats grades quarterbacks from week seven of the 2017 NFL season

Week 7 QB FAT Grades

QB FAT Grades (out of 100): normalized version of our FAT Score divided by the QB’s “scorable play count” for that week’s game.

See our 2016 QB breakdown for more details about our grading system.

Key Takeaways from Week 7:

  • Jay Cutler does enough to keep his starting job when he gets back from injury…classic.
  • What the hell are the Browns doing?
  • Drew’s still in our top 10. He’s had a top-10 performance every week he’s played in 2017.
  • Another veteran down due to injury. Arizona’s had a tough year of injuries so far this year. First David Johnson and now Carson Palmer.

1. Jay Cutler — NYJ — 95.7 (on 18 scorable plays)

Played a solid first half of football before getting hurt in the 3rd quarter. Cutler was making great throws and did not commit a turnover in this game. We do not know if Cutler would have been able to lead his team on a comeback like Moore did but if it was not for Cutler playing well in the first half then the Matt Moore comeback may not have happened.

2. Dak Prescott — @ SF — 91.0 (on 31 scorable plays)

Dak didn’t have to throw it much in this game with the what Zeek did to the Niners defense. Nonetheless, he was extremely efficient when the ball was in his hands. Whether it was his accuracy (78% accurate + catchable passes on 23 attempts) or his legs, Dak was unstoppable. He accounted for three touchdowns, didn’t get sacked and had no turnovers. He looked great!

3. Tyrod Taylor — TB — 89.9 (on 37 scorable plays)

Tyrod is one of the most fun QBs to watch. His elusiveness in the pocket, speed and arm strength are a great combination…if only he had more weapons. As always, Tyrod didn’t give the ball away and made timely down-field passes to convert 1st downs. His accuracy and ability to stay alive under pressure, along with Winston’s inability to take care of the football, won the Bills this game at home.

4. Ben Roethlisberger — CIN — 88.2 (on 23 scorable plays)

Ben Roethlisberger played one of his best games I’ve ever graded for him. He was throwing VERTICAL PASSES, people. He kept the cute little dump-offs to Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown at a minimum, and finally aired it out. This Steelers team looks hot, and their defense is even hotter. Look for the Steel Curtain to bring it to the Lions in Detroit this Sunday night.

5. Russell Wilson — @ NYG — 88.1 (on 42 scorable plays)

Wilson was throwing great passes all game whether it was in the pocket or outside. His receivers had some problems with drops, especially Jimmy Graham. When it mattered most Wilson delivered in the clutch.

6. Drew Brees — @ GB — 85.6 (on 39 scorable plays)

Brees made some bad throws that led to turnovers. But then he shook it off and led multiple drives, with the help of a strong run game and breakaway speed of Ginn and Kamara, to points. He converted 1st downs and converted two touchdowns (one 22-yard pass and another on a scramble). Strong showing on the road which led to a win.

7. Marcus Mariota — @ CLE — 82.9 (on 35 scorable plays)

Marcus Mariota played well. His stats are nothing to brag about, but that’s not entirely his fault. He had a lot of dropped passes on some big plays (*cough* Delanie Walker *cough*). Over this bye week, I’m hoping this team will get some rest and gain some of its offensive talent back. We can only see.

8. Derek Carr — KC — 82.9 (on 54 scorable plays)

Derek Carr seems to be returning to his true form, shaking off his lingering back injury that harrowed him in his last contest. He and the Raiders were finally able to get Amari (Coopcycle -Alec) Cooper for over 200 yards and two scores. 
 Carr started off slow in the first half of this game but, boy, did he deliver when it mattered most. The last drive of the game was a combination of under pressure throws, converted 1st downs and 20+ air yard throws that eventually led to the game-tying TD to Crabtree. Clutch in every sense of the word. To put this in prospective Carr scored a 61.1 out of 100 grade in the first half. In the 2nd half, Carr got a perfect 100.0. With a week and a half of rest between him and his next game, look for Carr to hopefully regain full health and dominance once again.

9. Matt Moore — NYJ — 82.1 (on 21 scorable plays)

Who should the Dolphins start at quarter back if Cutler is healthy? Almost all of Moore’s points came in the 4th quarter when the Dolphins needed it most. Down by 2 scores in the 4th quarter Moore led 2 great scoring drives to tie the game and then a turnover by the Dolphins defense allowed the game winning field goal. Moore was on fire, aside from a bad interception in the 3rd, and it is not hard to see why Dolphins fans want Moore but Cutler played a good game himself so it’s hard to see a quarter back change when if Cutler is healthy. I guess it is good to have a great back up quarter back in this league!

10. Alex Smith — @ OAK — 81.3 (on 38 scorable plays)

While Alex Smith hasn’t played at the Spank-the-Houston-Texans’-bare-butts-on-Sunday-Night-Football level the past two outings, he’s still played at a high level. Now, his performance did decline in the 2nd half compared to the 1st (89.9 grade compared to a 70.8 in the final two quarters) but Smith was accurate, converted 1st downs and made under pressure throws consistently. With all that said, these last two losses, to me, are more of a team effort. After getting Christian Grey’d by their cross-country lover in the Steelers, they seem to be a little rattled up. Smith and the Chiefs are still, however, elite. So look for them to strap up their boots and keep on trucking shortly.

11. Carson Wentz — WAS — 80.0 (on 31 scorable plays)

This kid is a gunslinger! Wentz was slinging the ball all game, even throwing a 60+ yard dime like it was nothing. Wentz was tough to bring down in the pocket and when he had time to thrown he made the Redskins pay. I am not sure which play was better, the 60+ yard dime for a touchdown or the 17-yard scramble in the 4th quarter on a 3rd and 8 when he escaped from out of a pile. Wentz can play and the Eagles are lucky to have him.

12. Tom Brady — ATL — 79.9 (on 33 scorable plays)

Tom Brady is a freak. He looks like he hasn’t lost a step. 40 years old and he’s still playing at an elite level. He is a surgeon on the field. He was on a mission to prove that the Pats were the dominate team and the super bowl rematch would go in the champs’ favor. Tom was, well, Terrific. Making all the right plays when he needed and putting his team up by a lot quickly. Tom Brady is a man he’s 40 come after him.

13. Josh McCown — @ MIA — 79.4 (on 31 scorable plays)

A great game by McCown up until the last drive of the game. Less than a minute left in the game on his own 15-yard line with the game tied, McCown throws a terrible ball that was intercepted and ultimately lost the game for the Jets. McCown was making plays all game getting the ball into the end zone 4 times. That clutch time interception overshadows his great game. That one he is going to remember for a while but all in all McCown is playing well for the Jets.

14. Jameis Winston — @ BUF — 78.2 (on 47 scorable plays)

Winston’s AC sprain did not hold him back one bit. Nor did the coaching staff attempt to do so. He was slinging it in Buffalo accounting for three touchdowns and throwing 33 accurate + catchable passes out of 43. However, in Jameis style, he also had three interceptable passes and a fumble (that was his fault). Once again, Winston’s arm kept the Bucs in this game and also lost them this game.

15. Blake Bortles — @ IND — 78.0 (on 30 scorable plays)

Another mistake free game for Bortles. If the Jags can get this from him for the season watch out. Bortles made some great throws and was helped out by his receivers making plays after the catch. The most important thing for Blake is avoiding any of those terrible interceptions and in this game he did not come close to one.

16. Jared Goff — ARI — 74.1 (on 40 scorable plays)

Jared Goff can play football, and Sean McVay can coach it. These two are a match. It helps out that Goff has one of the best backs in the game behind him so he sees a lot of man and single coverage. He exploits it well and is fun to watch. His rushing touchdown was a thing of beauty. This kid got the IT factor and is going to be a force over the next 10 years.

17. Kirk Cousins — @ PHI — 73.2 (on 44 scorable plays)

Cousins played a solid game aside from his lone turnover where his arm was being hit while throwing the ball. Not only did he throw well but he also showed off his legs on a few plays. Unfortunately, his defense was not able to hold the Eagles when he brought his team even with them.

18. Cody Kessler — TEN — 73.0 (on 20 scorable plays)

A message to Hue Jackson and the Browns org./coaching staff:

STOP BENCHING YOUR QUARTERBACKS WHEN THEY COMMIT MISTAKES. How do you possibly expect someone to develop when you invest little confidence, job-security, and faith in them? Granted, Kessler came in and played slightly better, but you’ve really got to stop it. Deshone Kizer played alright. He made some mistakes, but his team was still in the game. Let him learn from his mistakes and actually finish a whole game, and perhaps you’ll find your way on the path toward ending this endless quarterback gimmick. Thank you, Austin.

19. Andy Dalton — @ PIT — 68.4 (on 33 scorable plays)

So I mean… I don’t really know how to put this… but, the Bengals ate a very, very greasy poop sandwich with lettuce, tomato, extra onion, no pickles, and relish and mayo on top in the second half. They abandoned the run game, committed turnovers (of which one was Andy Dalton’s fault), and allowed Dalton to get pile-driven on the last couple drives. It was super weird. It was like watching a robot’s batteries go dead. Dalton himself played okay. Nothing too spectacular. He kept up with Ben Roethlisberger in the first half, but when his team died in the second half, so did he. Hopefully they can get it going the Colts next week.

20. Brett Hundley — NO — 68.2 (on 30 scorable plays)

Brett Hundley takes after Rodgers in his ability to extend plays and avoid sacks. The difference…Hundley can’t make the big throws on the run. Despite the lack of protection he was receiving, Hundley is still to blame for the offenses lack of rhythm — ill-advised throws and turnovers lost the Packers this game. With that being said, give Hundley time to dust off the cobwebs…his ability to extend plays and use his legs to convert 1st downs will do make the Packers relevant the rest of the year.

21. Joe Flacco — @ MIN — 60.2 (on 44 scorable plays)

Flacco is straight up buns and the Ravens need to being thinking about their future signal caller. Flacco in my opinion is the worst veteran QB in the league, this is my third time grading this season and it’s like I’m watching the same game over and over Flacco continues to make throws and decisions you’d expect from a rookie. One play in particular he dropped back and literally just fell down in the pocket and took the sack. He mad one “wow” throw the whole game most of his throws were check downs and if it weren’t for a last second TD his grade would have been much worse.

22. Case Keenum — BAL — 59.3 (on 32 scorable plays)

Keenum played a decent game he makes a couple of great plays this game, he just needs to be more consistent if he wants to keep the Vikings starting job. he would have a good drive and then a bad drive. The one INT he did have wasn’t he fault as the WR dropped the ball and the DB made the int. I wish they would have opened up the play book more and let Keenum make some deep throws and attack the Ravens secondary. I was really impressed with Keenum’s pocket presence as he was stepping up in the pocket avoiding the rush and making something out of nothing all game

23. Eli Manning — SEA — 59.1 (on 39 scorable plays)

Didn’t have to do much in the first half as the Seahawks held the ball most of it. There wasn’t much throwing room for Eli as his receivers could not get open. Once the game was out of reach is when Eli threw his lone “should have been intercepted” pass.

24. C.J. Beathard — DAL — 58.6 (on 47 scorable plays)

I don’t know what it is about Beathard, but I like him. Kid’s got maxi. He was under pressure on almost half of his drop backs and still had a 74% accurate + catchable pass rate along with 30-yards rushing. Despite being a rookie, his awareness in the pocket was pretty good and he’s got some mobility to escape pressure. He’s honestly playing like he has nothing to lose — the Niners want him to sling it and he’s doing it. Yes, it led to three interceptable passes and four tipped passes at the line of scrimmage but he’s a rookie — he will improve. It’ll be interesting to see how he develops given more time to gain some chemistry with the Niners receiving core.

25. Matt Ryan — @ NE — 56.7 (on 37 scorable plays)

Matt Ryan looks nothing like the MVP QB we saw last season. Kyle Shanahan was so important to that offense’s success. Matt looks the Matt from a few years ago. Kyle Shanahan ran an offense where a player was wide open almost every single play. This made Matt Ryan spectacular but now he looks like a middle of the pack QB who is just good enough to start. When you have as many weapons as “Matty Ice” you should be putting up 30+ points a game not struggling to just put up some points.

26. Jacoby Brissett — JAC — 55.2 (on 49 scorable plays)

This man took a BEATING all game. There were times he held onto the ball too long (credit the Jags secondary) and there were times the line could not block anyone (credit the Jags line). Brissett was unable to get in any rhythm and harassed all game. Anytime you score zero points there is plenty of blame to go around but Brissett needs to do better in finding his receivers quicker and making better throws.

27. DeShone Kizer — TEN — 53.5 (on 20 scorable plays)

A message to Hue Jackson and the Browns org./coaching staff:

STOP BENCHING YOUR QUARTERBACKS WHEN THEY COMMIT MISTAKES. How do you possibly expect someone to develop when you invest little confidence, job-security, and faith in them? Granted, Kessler came in and played slightly better, but you’ve really got to stop it. DeShone Kizer played alright. He made some mistakes, but his team was still in the game. Let him learn from his mistakes and actually finish a whole game, and perhaps you’ll find your way on the path toward ending this endless quarterback gimmick. Thank you, Austin.

28. Philip Rivers — DEN — 53.0 (on 29 scorable plays)

Philip Rivers looked a lot better than he played. He flipped a switch before the Giants game and the Chargers have been rolling since. He seems to be in control of things, and with Melvin Gordon rolling less pressure is on Phil. At this point in his career it is need, he can still sling the rock but he liked to check-down a lot this game. Seemed to be the game plan.

29. Carson Palmer — @ LAR — 51.8 (on 20 scorable plays)

Carson Palmer wasn’t looking so great when he was playing, then he got hurt and the team suffered.

30. Trevor Siemian — @ LAC — 48.8 (on 42 scorable plays)

Trevor Siemian is not an NFL QB. The Broncos need to give up on him and start Lynch and see what he’s got. It has to be better than what Trevor is doing. Nothing really to say about him that except he’s bad.

31. Mitchell Trubisky — CAR — 47.2 (on 14 scorable plays)

Mitchell Trubisky threw the rock 7 times. Not much to see from that. He did ok need to see more of him but he wasn’t needed to do anything because that defense thought it was 1985 for a game.

32. Cam Newton — @ CHI — 47.1 (on 44 scorable plays)

Cam Newton supposedly had a breakdown a few weeks back and people wrote him off. He then showed them up the last two weeks but seemed to come down to earth this week. The Bears got a nice jump on him early in the game and it seemed to have rattled him. Carolina was never able to play their game plan out being down 14–0 off rip. Cam was shook and rattled and looked off. Also being sacked 5+ times doesn’t help one’s confidence in the pocket. I look for Cam to pick it up against a Bucs D that’s given up a ton of points and made some mediocre offenses look amazing.

33. Drew Stanton — @ LAR — 22.4 (on 16 scorable plays)

Drew Stanton is not good. He somehow managed to ride the coat tail of Bruce Arians and stick around. The Cardinals are a lost cause with him. They need better. It sucks to say but the window of opportunity for this team has closed. Sooner than expected.

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