The benefit of the doubt

Now, why doubting?

Isn’t it true that time over time we have heard that “You have to be completely sure of what you are going to do before you actually do it”?

Ok, I don’t know about you but in my case that’s something my father tried to imbue in me like for all the time he could do it while I was young. Sure, it is a hell of an advice if you follow it by hearth. I have seen my siblings having a cool life with their kids and all. Steady as they are, they seem to be happy enough, it looks the advice works as it should.

Well, not in my case. I was the youngest of four and in my case, like in many of the same, I happen to be the “black sheep”; yep, that was me at 2 almost dying by means of electrocution; and it was also me the one that was hanging half out of a window while my terrified father was 4 stories below at ground level thinking when I was going to fall while my mother was running desperately upstairs in hope of finding me balancing still on the frame to drag me back in. The list could go a long way, but this is not about me.

If you have never been sure of any outcome, like NEVER. If you take risks at every time and every turn, then you probably understand the subject, otherwise I invite you to go further along to make myself clear.

Why not doubting everything? Every action you do will have a consequence and I hardly believe that each and every time you’ll do something you get the same response; well maybe in a production line things looks that way but even in such scenario sometime things go different without any reason.

So I’m sure that every single successful individual will tell you that while they were confident by doing what they did to become successful, somewhere within themselves they were always doubtful, afraid of the decisions they took but at the same time feeling responsible for the outcome should that be contrary to their expectations.

In my opinion, it is that feeling, the doubt, the one that differentiates successful individuals vs the rest that will eventually gaze at such persons asking themselves Why can’t I be successful? Well my friend, I’ll let you in a little secret:


Therefore, instead of backing up at the mere glimpse of doubt, man up (or woman up, it’s the same) and take life by the horns, you’ll be surprised by the giant leaps you’ll advance when doubting everything but being smart enough what battles are worth fighting for and which ones are not.

Wait too much and that tiny window called “success” will close for that particular matter and it might not come back again, and if it does it will be at more cost than previous. I believe successful people understand this and prepare themselves all the time to the best they can so when they take a chance, they are thinking “What the hell! Let’s do it and if it does not work I’ll see what I will do at that moment!” The overcome that fear of doubt, they take that energy and reserve it, so either they use it to overcome a failure or they use to empower themselves more when they are victorious.

Well, I hope the above covered briefly my theory of the doubt? What do you think?