Enjoy A Heart In Your Throat Experience With A Water Blob

The history of a blob is very interesting. It was previously used as a fuel bladder to carry along with the ships. The mariners also used to jump on the blob to reach the land safely. But the concept of this water front toy was first discovered by Tex Robertson of Camp Longhorn in Brunet at Texas who used an army surplus fuel bladder as a water blob. Spike White of Kanakuk Kamps in Branson at Missouri fell for the idea and brought it to the world as it sees the blob today.

How does it work?

There are five simple steps going through which you can enjoy a great blobbing experience.

First: the jumper needs to jump on the blob as such that they land on the platform in a sitting position.

Second: After landing safely on the blob, the jumper needs to crawl to the other end of the water blob which is usually of some other color than the rest of the blob.

Third: Once the jumper reaches the other end of the blob the flyer should go on a kneeling position with their arms extended a little in front of them.

Fourth: The Counselor who is administrating the complete sport will ask the flyer if he is ready or not. If the flyer is ready then he needs to respond by lifting their hands straight up into the air.

Fifth: lastly, when the flyer is ready the counselor will ask the jumper to jump on the blob specifically on the portion of the second full color from the beginning of the blob in such a position so that the lower part of the body lands first.

Things to consider before buying a blob

There are many varieties of blob available in the market but to get the ideal one you need to keep certain things in your mind so that you can get a product which is value for money.

  • Design: Design of a blob is very important for a perfect and safe launch. The peanut shaped blob is the ideal one as its peculiar shape is responsible for maximizing the launch height creating a much smoother and predictable launch. The peanut shape can be broken in two sections, one section constricting the air wave while the other section releasing it.
  • Quality: A replicated product of low quality does not meet the quality standards and are made of cheap PVC products which can cause severe danger like rupturing of the balloon and injury. An original and good quality water blob is made of two layers, a sturdy core along with a covering made of durable vinyl.
  • Set up time: It would always be convenient enough to go for those blobs which have a less set up time. Go for those blobs which you just have to blow up and attach to the shoreline or boat for a ready to go blobbing experience.
  • Price: You can find blobs of all prices in the market but it will always be a better option to consider the quality of the product as priority before the price because a cheap quality blob can be available at a very low price but the hazards and issues that it will bring along can prove to be much heavier on your pocket than its price.

A good quality blob if maintained after every use can last for more than seven to eight years even after rigorous use. So, if you want to do something adventurous in this summer, try and enjoy the exhilarating thrill of water blobbing.