Fun has no age, and the same thing goes with blobbing. Blobbing is a heart throbbing mixture of flying high in the sky and splashing deep into the water. Blobbing is gaining much love from people due to the extreme excitement it has to offer.

Water blob is easily available in the market in all sizes. If you have kids in your home, then a small sized blob can do well for their summer holidays. But if you are intended to start a water sports business, then a big sized durable water blob shall be your choice.

Water blobs are basically big sized balloons filled with either water or air, on which people jump, as a result of which the person sitting on the other side of the blob rises in the air and splashes into the water. The water blobs are usually anchored so that it does not float away.

Have you ever thought why the shape of a blob is like a big sized peanut? There is a scientific reason behind it. After studying countless of launches, the formula for a perfect launch was discovered. The shape of a peanut can be divided into two sections, one side constricting the air wave, while the other releasing the same. As the force of the air is pushed in the constricted section, the speed increases, maximizing the transfer of energy. Then in the very next moment, the energy gets transferred into the frontal section of the blob, creating a launch that sends the person sitting there high into the air. Thus, the peanut shape maximizes the launch height and creates a smoother and more foreseeable launch.

Water blobbing is a fun filled activity till every safety issues are taken good care of. If the blob is not the right one, then things can even take an adverse turn. So it is always necessary to keep certain things in your mind before buying a water blob to ensure utmost fun and safety.

  • While buying a blob always check whether the material is waterproof and fire resistant or not.
  • Check if the product is of good quality and has qualified the quality tests of CE, EN, RoHS, SGS, ISO, ensuring safety and durability of the product.
  • Always buy well finished products which are made up of high tech equipments and advanced techniques.
  • Look out for the company details and the guarantee that the company is providing with the product.
  • It is a must to check the user reviews on the product so that you can find a good product which is value for money.
  • Before buying compare the price of the product online to get a quality product at a reasonable price.
  • Check if the blob comes with pressure relief valves to prevent the risk of bursting due to over inflation of the blob.

If you keep the above things in your mind while buying a water blob, then you will surely find the blob of your desire to be both strong and safe.

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