The Tale of “Inflatable’s”

Whether it is the water blob, water trampoline or the backyard trampoline, the fun is unlimited. One of the most liked activities on a warm summer day is water blobbing or jumping on the water trampoline. It promises fun, thrill and excitement for both young and old. What’s more, it’s an exciting form of exercise; far away from the mundane!

So, blobbing and jumping, which you now enjoy the most came from the military. Did you know this? Mostly not!

Here’s history unfolded

The first water blobs were the military surplus, which was a bladder full of fuel towed to a ship. As oil and gas float on water, the bladder would float beside the ship. The sailors probably jumped on this inflated bladder and enjoyed the activity a lot, thus, marking the birth of a new, thrilling sport.

The first known use of the water blob dates back to a summer camp in Austin, Texas. The owner of this camp was Tex Robertson, who revised the blob as a waterfront toy for this summer camp, where all the founder’s sons enjoyed this unique sport. Therefore, the first blob was invented by Tex Robertson of Camp Longhorn in Burnet, Texas.

This is where the story of water blob for sale began. A whole lot of people fell in love with this interesting toy and began manufacturing it and a new sport saw the light of the day, which gained popularity day after day, year after year.

The Commercial History

The first blobs were manufactured by a company in Texas. They thought of closing down the manufacturing. However, by this time, the blob had gained immense popularity as a sport. Spike White of Kanakuk Kamps in Branson brought an old single ply version of the blob. This is how the blob marked its maiden journey from Texas to Springfield Special Products in 1985. Here, Jack and Lorie Hunt made changes and created the modern version of the now popular water blob. The blob got a new avatar of a two ply heavy weight coated vinyl, which was available in myriad sizes ranging from 25’, 30’, 35’ and 45’. Since then, there was no looking back. The blobs found a place in the hearts of many, thus, marking the entry of many more manufacturers of the water blobs.

Launching from water blobs thus, became a popular sport, which was enjoyed by many. What’s more, it continues to be a popular sport even now. Thanks to the rising popularity, water blobbing also found a place in sports championships. 2011 was the year when the first championship “Blobbing Battle” was arranged by From Austria in 2011, it soon spread across the globe and both blobbing for fun and blobbing for winning is now enjoyed by many.

Water blob for sale is now available everywhere. You can purchase it for your personal use too. It is light in weight, easy to pack and carry for a holiday in the waters anywhere and everywhere.

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