Photo of Julia Araujo taken by Lindsay Cook

Two UT students are making insanely awesome music videos and I found out why

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines art as “the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects.” By that definition, painting is art, creating music is art, film is art, creating music videos is art. During my first semester here at UT, I met two artists, and their names are Lindsay Cook and Julia Araujo.

Lindsay and Julia’s relationship, like many, occurred by mere chance. With both of them coming all the way from Washington D.C. down to Texas, one would presume that they were friends coming down here together, two high school companions ready to conquer college! Well, that person would be wrong. Oddly, they weren’t even aware of the other’s existence at the time of choosing UT. Yet, when queried as to why they picked the school they both gave the same reason, they wanted to have that “big school experience” and a world class education (shout out to the best school in the south).

That fall of 2015, Lindsay settled in as a radio, television, and film major whilst Julia began her studies in international relations. It wasn’t until Lindsay and her friend, Kristin, realized that they needed a third roommate for their apartment that following year, that Kristin suggested a cool girl she knew from one of her organizations, named Julia. Lindsay wasn’t opposed to at least meeting her so Kristin proceeded to introduce Julia to Lindsay. It wasn’t “best friends at first sight” (though that would be a hell of a story) but Julia and Lindsay both agree that they took to each other rather quickly.

Fast forward to this year, and the two girls are now, best friends. During the process of becoming great friends, the two UT students learned something about the other. Lindsay, as she became closer to Julia, learned that Julia was not only fascinated with international relations but that she also possessed a passion for dance and was even a member of the Texas Pom Squad (for those who dont know, the Texas Pom squad they are the group of good lookin’ ladies and gentlemen providing sideline entertainment at UT sporting events). Meanwhile, Julia became aware that Lindsay was majoring in radio, television, and film and that Lindsay’s career dream, was to “produce television” and even more important, to “never stop filming and become a master of the trade.” Out of these realizations and a collected eagerness to collaborate with one another, their first piece of art was published online on January 1st, 2016.

This music video, set to the tune of Myne by Treasure Fingers combined with the Austin skyline as the backdrop, was filmed by UT’s own, Lindsay Cook. While the talented, dancing centerpiece, of the video is none other than Julia Arajuo. This is not their only music video out there either, on February 6th of this year, they published their second music video, filmed in Dallas and set to Rhianna’s hit song, Work. Both of the videos filmography, according to Lindsay, was inspired by popular music videos she would watch on Youtube “over and over” until she knew it forwards and backwards. The choreography for the videos, comes from a mixture of what Julia’s “fantastic choreographer” shows her in class and what she just comes up with on her own while she is just listening and dancing to the music. In fact, when coming up with the choreography for the second music video, Julia states that she just “listened to (Rhianna’s) Work over and over again and eventually the movements I made to the song became the dance.”

When questioned as to why they create these videos, the girl’s answers were straight-forward and enthusiastic, “I enjoy filming, no matter what it is and I just want to continue to improve. This is a way to do that.”, “I love to dance and she loves to film, I just like it. It’s fun”. After a slight chuckle and brief compliment of their work it was suggested that the videos are so good they may go viral, they both smiled and said “We wouldn’t mind that”.

UT students never cease to surprise.

*The interview I conducted with Lindsay Cook and Julia Araujo took place on February 21st, 2016. Below are the links to their two music videos, remember to like and share.

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