A place where abandoning your comfort zone is a good idea

As young children we have crossed many borders. Our family trips to different countries seemed like they were the best remedy to ingest some culture into our veins but we were very wrong. Our limited time and experience outside our borders was just a glimpse. I finally reached the United States. This was my second time. However, I wasn’t here to click marvelous photos of the Statue of Liberty but I was here to make this place my home. In the beginning, the question that was left unanswered was:

Was I going to make it?

It was a frightening transition. I have left my support thousands of miles away and I was here to fight for myself. I was dragged out of my comfort zone which rarely happened. Years later I sat down in my favorite coffee shop in east village with a fancy journal and pen. I wanted to reflect on all those years in this place that now I called home. I wanted to assure others like me. I wanted to tell them that they’re not alone. It’s okay to be lost; in fact it’s the best thing that will happen to you.

Here is the golden rule: Abandon your comfort zone

They told you it was dangerous to burst your protective bubble. I’m here to tell you to burst it! Let there be no bubble ever again. You are not here to be comfortable. You are here to transform. How can you do that being inside a protective shell? Wait before you crawl back in, and give yourself a chance. Soon you will face a reflection you never thought you’d see. It will be a reflection of someone you’ve worked hard for. It will be a reflection of someone you’re proud of. In the end, you will thank me. I mean, you will thank yourself.