The strength in us

The angriest people are also the weakest and the most vulnerable. Over the years she has seen that life has a way of preparing people for the worst. No matter how much people say that “this is the worst thing that could have happened to me’ after the death of a loved one or how one may say ‘I will die if that happens to me’, much worse things happen and people keep surviving all kinds of disasters. We may lose our mothers at birth and our fathers may leave us at the age of four but we keep on going. We survive. We become dreamers. We believe that the worst has passed and we believe in people again. We marry the strangest and the most unlikely partners we find who hate us, dominate us and beat us. Yet we survive. And with time we change. We are no longer the people we were when we started going to school. We change, and we become stateless, and shapeless. We become our experiences. Hate and sorrow fill us to the brim and we tape the broken pieces together with scotch tape because we don’t trust the strength of duct tapes anymore. We lose faith in the most trustworthy of things and we settle, so scotch tape does it.

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