Where do all these colours come from?

Tell me, my love, do you see all the colours that surround us? Come; let me show you how you fill this world with colours.

As our eyes meet, my gaze lowers and I know you see the raw hunger in my eyes.

The shame of being read so openly burn my cheeks and they turn purple.

I fumble with my words when I look for ways to explain the want in my eyes.

You touch my fingers to calm my nerves.

Your touch brings serenity in me and your skin passes green, breathing energy in my veins.

The green shoots everywhere but the fright of losing something so beautiful show me death; the ultimate end to all my joy and the blue engulfs me.

The sorrow of losing you within the nothingness around me shakes me and my hands turn cold in yours.

You tighten your grip and the love and goodness from your heart fills the room with the bright yellow that lifts me up.

I look up at you with hope and you place your arms around me and pull me closer.

As our bodies touch, I place a hand on your chest because the magnetic pull scares me.

I want to be in control.

I look up to beg you to stop.

You lean closer and our lips touch.

My lips part to let you in. I taste the sugar on your lips and the red vibrant power weakens my legs.

Yet, the hopelessness of being away from you makes me want to forget everything that ever mattered to me.

The overpowering black ambition leaves my mind.

I allow the pink of love to guide my thoughts. The meadows, the trees and the morning air of the farmhouse make me smile. I know we will go there.

I know we will grow old near the valleys with the bends that resemble the perfect motion of the rail lines that we are.

My thoughts take the best of me and the transparent lust moves with my blood and energizes my senses.

I let go and give in.

The dirty grayish brown pain leaves my world the moment I close my eyes and give myself to you completely.

Can I call you my 14-shaded rainbow?

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