Father Goose Releases New Family Album Bashment Time

Track Listing

1. Intro
 2. Constant Sorrow (feat. Dan Zanes And Coolie Ranx)
 3. Silly Goose (feat. Little Goose)
 4. Fun Day (feat. Roxanne Farrell)
 5. A Who? (feat. Joanie Leeds)
 6. Iko Iko (feat. Josh And The Jamtones And Little Goose)
 7. Top Of The Mountain (feat. Princess Goldie)
 8. Farmers Market
 9. Big Family (feat. Lady Asha)
 10. Wiggle Shake Shake (feat. Shiz And Mikayla)
 11. Bionic (feat. Shiz And Lady Asha)
 12. Keep Your Head Up (feat. Danger D)
 13. Carnival (feat. Roxanne Farrell And Little Goose)
 14. In Jamaica
 15. Jamaica Ska (feat. Coolie Ranx And Little Goose)

With special guests Dan Zanes, Joanie Leeds,
 Josh and the Jamtones, Coolie Ranx and more

April 2014 — Bashment Time is an energetic, eclectic blend of multi-generational songs that cross many genres and cultures. Father Goose’s first album since the acclaimed 2007 album It’s a Bam Bam Diddly, Bashment Time is a rock-of-all-ages for the next generation of Goose fans.

“Bashment”, a term that describes high-energy Jamaican reggae/dancehall music, sets the vibe of this this wildly entertaining and spirited collection. The diverse range of songs found here encourage fun and dancing with its silly comical twists, inspiration, and adventure. This album is guaranteed to keep kids and the entire family dancing and “shake shaking”.

Special guests on the collection include Dan Zanes, Joanie Leeds, Josh and the Jamtones, Coolie Ranx, Elena Moon Park, Goose’s own Little Goose, and many more friends from the Father Goose incredible family of musicians. Songs on the album are heavily influenced by Father Goose’s own childhood in Jamaica. The sounds of steel drum, ska, mento, reggae, folk, and gospel fill the album and instantly immerse you in the flavor of the Caribbean.

“My songs provide an opportunity to peek into one of my many childhood experiences and learn about my mixed Caribbean-American culture.” says Wayne Rhoden (AKA Father Goose).

Of the spectacular friends that join in the fun on Bashment Time, highlights include Grammy winner Dan Zanes who sings on the opening track, a reworking of the traditional American folk song “Constant Sorrow”. Joanie Leeds lends her voice on A Who? which is a fast-paced get-up-and-dance song that will have the kids bouncing around until they drop. Kindie jam band Josh and the Jamtones also join in for a spirited cover of Iko, Iko, a classic call and response song treated here with a dose of Caribbean flair.

Other songs like Farmers Market were inspired by Father Goose’s own memories growing up in central Jamaica. A sure to be favorite track Keep Your Head Up is an uplifting reminder that “everyday can be a new day” and “not to let your troubles get you down”.

Bashment Time is a digital-only release and is available now at iTunes, CD Baby, and amazon.com.

For more information contact Stephanie Mayers, 718.222.2442, Stephanie@festivalfive.com.

Father Goose’s official website is located at http://fathergoose.net.

A Note from Dan Zanes

“My musical life would have turned out much differently if I hadn’t met Father Goose back in the 1990s. When we started making music together I knew that we were on to something fresh, something that felt like the world I experienced when I walked out onto the streets of Brooklyn. He’s a bottomless well of free-spirited musical ideas grounded in Jamaican traditions but flying in and around the mysteries that all young people know.”

“In a perfect world Father Goose would wake up every day to an enthusiastic crowd cheering and hollering outside his window. That’s what he deserves and I know that that’s what he inspires in families around the world. I hope that this new album finds its way into the lives of all families everywhere. There’s nothing like the music of Father Goose and the release of Bashment Time is definitely a cause for an outbreak of all-ages dance parties here, there, and everywhere.”

Bashment is a term that describes high-energy Jamaican reggae/dancehall music.

Originally published at www.bashmenttime.com.

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